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Article: Men's Gold Chains in Hip Hop

Men's Gold Chains in Hip Hop
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Men's Gold Chains in Hip Hop

Long ago, it was hard to find men with pieces of chains or rather any kind of jewelry.  Men’s gold chains evolved in the 70s and 80s thanks to the hip hop industry. Overall, these years the genre has become so prominent and common to many. The viewers and listeners have learned and adapted to the trendy style and fashion. The change in trend has therefore made the majority of men love and wear beautiful, luxurious, and elegant chains. The gold chains are worn by men to convey different messages such as groupings into financial stature, religious affiliations, class status, teams supported, etc. In the hip hop industry, there is not much associated with gold chains other than status; letting others know who is the boss.

What Gold Chains Represent in Hip Hop

The most famous and legends of the hip hop industry such as Biggie, Tupac, Jay-Z, and many others introduced the art of putting on fancy chains and bling’s to show status, fame and wealth. Most of the time the hip hop artists wear expensive and flashy gold chains to represent monarchs of wealth and to "kill the swag" literally. Men tend to love the large gold chains such as the Mariner chains, rope chains, snake chains, Cuban chains, curb link chains, etc.  With a sense of style, these gold chains match well with classy dress code and of course the upcoming styles. To look gorgeous, you have to be careful of the type of attire you put on. The gold chain complementing your attire should be catchy to attract people’s attention. Read our article to know more about the chain you should buy.

Earlier on, men’s chains seemed to be a cultural barrier but clearly the more the industry grows, the more they are becoming popular. For instance, the Native American men proudly wear the long chains accompanied by the fancy earing to manifest power, class, heritage, and confidence. These male artists adorn the gold chains before performing on stage. The chains show the artists’ sense of style that cannot be portrayed when on a pair of Levis or even three-piece suit.

How to Rock a Hip Hop Look

The gold chains represent the expensive life of fame and extreme success. With some style of fashion, hip hop artist uses large bling's to attract attention. The artist embraces fashion changes by using gold chains to show a symbol of monetary prosperity. There is a realization that there is no harm in putting flashy gold chains because they will perfectly fit in style. This style is unique and classic especially when put on with some swag of the gold rings and chains. Men's gold chains on hip hop can be functional and subtle or they can just be bold and big. Sure, they are worth all the investments but they are very elegant and flashy.

Men’s gold chain in Hip Hop comes in different sizes, brands, and length. Some hang a 16-inch gold chain with pendants which are nearly twice as long. Men wear them with an open collar, outside the sweater or even shirtless depending on the look you want to pull out. All these styles will look beautiful and sexy in either way but do this only if that is what you feel confident in.  You may as well opt to lay different chains of different lengths and widths to enhance texture and movement. Normally 2-5 makes a perfect range to collaborate the chains though there is no limitation to this.

It is easy for men to spot tons of the gold chain but decide to wear them just one at a time like Jay Z, David Beckham and Pharrell William do. “These chains are very expensive and they are just worth a shot!” As they say. It is also important to note that when it comes to choosing the right men’s gold chain, consider these 2 tips:

  • Your face shape - If you have a round-shaped face, you should go for a longer V-shaped chain. Search for nice, short and chunky chains if you have a thin pointy chin. A good selection will enable you to rock well the men’s gold chain in hip hop.
  • The color of the chain- Color aspect matters as most people are only aware of one gold color, yellow. On the contrary, there are multiple shades of gold chain colors you can choose from. The gold chain comes in rose gold, white gold, and the classic yellow color. You should select the color that pleases your eyes and matches your dressing.

The Length of Men’s Gold Chain

Most Men’s gold chains in hip hop differ in length and width, some are longer while others short. The chains are categorized in length by ranges from 14 to 16 inches and others up to 30 inches and above. The gold chains with a length of 14 to 18 inches are considered too tight depending on the size of the neck. The tight chains can only be visible when expressed above the clothes to portray different styles and designs.

The gold chains that are 20 to 24 inches are common for most men. The 20 inches one normally falls on the first or the second button of your shirt which makes it more elegant and outstanding. The 24inch goes down to the chest but it looks amazing as well. All these lengths can be accompanied by a suitable pendant. The "bling-bling” category falls between 26 to 30 inches long. These are meant to be worn outside the shirt and only mingle well with large pendants or independently. This stands out to hip hop artists to catch people’s eyes and look more stylish.

I know by now you would be thinking of owning eight or ten men’s gold chains. Whatever your taste and preference in a gold chain, the wisest decision should be made to excellently complement your wardrobe. Before I forget, if you are looking for a perfect gift to give a guy, gold chains are the best. A golden generation of hip hop ushered in a flashy era of proper wardrobe complimenting. You should consider rocking a chain or two.

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