Cuban Link Chains

Womens cuban link chains and Mens cuban links

Cuban links are part of a timeless style, and we have the very finest. Nothing is bolder or more eye-catching than big gold chains. This style helps pimp out any ordinary outfit. If diamonds are a girl's best friend, then Cubans are a man's best friend. Even Drake would approve. 

The quality Cuban link chain can be hard to come by. Chunky Miami chains, classic hollow chains—whether you want to keep a more classic look or show off a more hip hop/urban style, we have something for you.

Find the perfect paired solid gold bracelet from our collection to match your outfit, whether you're usually in jeans and a white t-shirt, or if you prefer more formal outfits, such as suit and tie.

Each piece of jewelry we sell is only available in 10-karat yellow gold or 10-karat white gold, ensuring that what you are getting is always of the highest quality. If you want to get even more creative and blingy in your look, add a Cuban link bracelet or earrings from our collection. Plus you can also choose to get a pendant for your gold chain, regardless of whether you are a girl or guy, simplistic in style, or go-big-or-go-home in attitude. 



The Miami Cuban link chain features an interlocking pattern of thick circular or oval gold pieces. The chain looks rich and attractive, even with smaller pieces. If you are a fan of hip hop jewelry and are not afraid of bold accessories, Cuban link chains are definitely for you. They are a popular fashion accessory for men, with fashionistas, urban style enthusiasts and rappers like Jay Z and Daddy Yankee, Drake, or DJ Khaled rocking them on out in public.



You have two equally awesome options to choose from. Both types look equally amazing, so it all boils down to your personal preference.

The classic Miami Cuban link chain is an all-time favorite pick. The chain looks classy, sturdy and solid - you can wear it to any outfit, both formal and casual. Wear it in style with matching gold bracelets, rings, and a watch.

The iced out Miami Cuban link chain is layered with diamonds or crystals that give it extra bling. The jewelry still looks thick and sturdy, and the diamonds contribute to its additional wow factor. Pair it with a matching link bracelet, diamond earrings, and a flashy watch for the ultimate hip hop look. It is a bold fashion statement that is more than likely to make some heads turn your way. If you like extra attention and that unique diamond bling, choose iced out chains in a heartbeat.

And then, you get to pick the color. Which one will you go for, a classic yellow gold or a unique white gold? Once again, the decision is your to make, and you should take into account your personal preferences. However, if your heart is set on the iced out Miami Cuban link chain, consider picking white gold. The tone of the metal and glittering diamonds complement each other exceptionally well.



Cuban link chains are luxurious accessories for hip hop lovers, fashion enthusiasts, celebrities, streetwear fans, men and women. That being said - why stop there? Anyone can rock a Cuban link chain, even your four-legged friend. You can walk your dog in style and even coordinate your accessories. Make sure to check out our collection of Cuban link dog collars, leashes and pendants. Pets deserve some luxury too!



 A Cuban link chain is a bold fashion statement - wear it with confidence! Here are some tips on how to rock your new bling:

Keep it simple and stylish. While Cuban link chains are a bold accessory, they are a perfect addition to various clothing styles. You can wear them with a suit and a tie, or go for a more hip hop look and add them to your casual streetwear outfit. As for the color choice, you can pair a yellow gold chain with brown, deep blue and green tones, and a white gold chain will look bomb when paired with grey and dark clothes. However, you can always wear your chains with neutral-toned clothes to make your jewelry really stand out.

Mix and match. Who said you should stick to one chain at a time? Go all the way in and feel free to rock the whole set: gold chains, gold bracelets, diamond earrings, a matching watch - the whole shebang. If you want to tone your look a bit but still want to be extra, pick two or three chains and layer them out. Choose different lengths and link sizes to make them stand out even more.

Match metals. Remember when you had to choose the color of your chain? If you want to wear other types of jewelry with it, make sure it is the same. So, pair yellow gold with yellow gold, white gold with white gold, rose gold with rose gold, and so on. Stick to one metal at a time - it is a safe and classic option. However, some people wear different kinds of metal at a time and can pull it off with almost every outfit. If you're bold enough, go for it!