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VVS Jewelry is all about the culture. We live and breathe hip hop and our purpose is to share our passion for affordable hip hop jewelry with the world.

Here you'll find only the dopest iced out jewelry, VVS diamond chains, urban clothing and more.

Browse our vast collection of affordable gold chains for men, VVS watches, tennis bracelets, and many more.

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What Is VVS Jewelry

VVS Jewelry is all about the culture. We understand the important role hip hop culture plays in the world, and VVS loves to share that passion. There is no better way to do that than showcase the best quality jewelry money can buy. As the leading hip hop jewelry retailer online, we ensure all hip hop lovers stay updated with the best trends in the world. VVS offers you unique styles and designs at the best prices.


We offer VVS hip hop chains, bust down watches, iced out pinky rings and CZ VVS diamond grillz, just to name a few popular items. From 14k gold chains, diamond cross pendants, bracelets and diamond watches, bling rings, crystal and diamond earrings, to cuban chain dog collars, leashes and custom dog tags, we have all sorts of items that will make you look unique. All these you'll get in different designs and styles that resonate with the hip hop community and reflect your personality on the outside. You can mix and match your favorite items to let your true hip hop spirit shine through.


There is no doubt VVS offers the best quality in simulated and gold-plated jewelry online. To clarify, we do not sell real VVS quality diamonds. Our aim is to sell jewelry that looks 80% as good as more expensive jewelry at 20% of the price. All items sold online are always in stock, so you will never miss any type of jewelry product you need from VVS. Check our offer regularly for amazing sales deals and discounts.


Very, Very Slightly Included diamonds have minute inclusions that even an experienced grader can't see with a naked eye. Usually, the VVS category is divided into two sections that include VVS1 AND VVS2. It is good to keep in mind that VVS1 comes with a higher clarity grade when compared to VVS2.

Many people wonder whether VVS1 diamonds are real. While some people believe that VVS1 grade is a perfect choice, some consider it overkill for consumer jewelry. Did you know that most diamonds above the VVS2 clarity rating do not have inclusions? You can't observe them with the naked eye, and that's what gives VVS hip hop jewelry that unique bling and flawless look.


We believe it is not a matter of why, but rather when! However, here is what can convince you to purchase the best hip hop jewelry you can find online.

IT IS A MATTER OF PERSONAL PREFERENCE. Do you need a VVS clarity rating to find an eye-flawless diamond? If you're not, then this is the right time to go for what you want. Nowadays, many people are after perfection. More often than not, they simply enjoy knowing that their precious stone is practically flawless.

LIMITED CHOICES WHEN PURCHASING FANCY SIZED DIAMONDS. Are you shopping for a fancy-shaped diamond? Your choices might be extremely limited. What is the main reason behind this? The demand for such goods in the market is quite low, and creating a custom shape may be expensive.

You might end up with VVS diamonds after doing the due diligence of cut quality. This will happen when there are few options to choose from. In such cases, it would be better if you fork out some extra cash to purchase a VVS diamond jewelry.

MANY OPTIONS TO CHOOSE FROM. Our offer is extensive and exciting, allowing you to purchase custom jewelry that fits your style. You can buy a whole set of chains, watches, rings, bracelets, pendants, and many more. If you prefer a more toned-down look but still want to show your love for hip hop, opt for a bold accessory - a Cuban link chain, a pair of diamond earrings, an iced out ring, or a 14k gold necklace will complete your outfit.

Our hip hop jewelry is suitable for both men and women, giving you the best opportunity to bring your style to the next level. Shop now!


CONTAIN MINIMAL FLAWS. VVS diamond are popularly known as virtually flawless. You might be aware that VVS diamonds contain minimal inclusions. In order to find these flaws, you need to use 10* magnification. That’s why VVS diamonds are extremely expensive. Over the years, they have been regarded as superior diamonds.

Absence of inclusions makes VVS diamonds very expensive.

VVS DIAMONDS COME IN MANY SHAPES. Do you really love large diamonds? There is no doubt you might want to purchase VVS diamond. A large diamond has more inclusions.

Please note - all of our products are gold plated and/or contain Australian rhinestones. None of our products contain real VVS diamonds or 100% gold unless otherwise noted. 


Are you ready to shop for your custom set of hip hop jewelry with VVS diamonds? Don't wait! Feel free to browse through our site in search of that perfect bling. We offer a wide range of products made from high-quality materials, from stainless steel, white gold, 14k gold, silver, and many more. Whatever your heart desires - we bet you can find it here.

Here at VVS Jewelry, we strive to provide you with the dopest hip hop jewelry and the best customer service. We hope you'll enjoy your purchase and continue shopping with us in the future!