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What’s the Deal Between VVS Diamonds and the Hip-Hop Industry?

What’s the Deal Between VVS Diamonds and the Hip-Hop Industry?

For many decades, women have been passionate about dazzling and sparkling pieces of jewelry since it is a symbol of femininity and social status. As the old saying goes, “Diamonds are girls’ best friend.” But in today’s generation, it goes without saying that diamonds are becoming men’s buddies, as well. Aside from men’s wedding band and engagement ring, there have been significant changes in what type of jewelry men wear every day.

Rappers and young artists from the hip-hop industry wear sparkling pieces of jewelry and gold chains to add some swag into their looks. From 4-finger rings to the small diamond cross, dazzling bling came along the picture and took the hip-hop fashion to the next level. But little do some people know, with bigger budget comes with bigger and bolder shines. One of the most well-known accessories among artists in the hip-hop industry is VVS diamond jewelry. In the past, only those who are born with a silver spoon in their mouth can acquire a VVS diamond. You can know more about this by reading the history of hip hop jewelry.  But today, you don’t have to be a billionaire to own one! Many artists have purchased these ridiculously expensive VVS diamonds as a way of expressing their wealth. They even incorporated it into their songs to flaunt them on social media. Hip-hop and diamonds have gone hand in hand, and artists started to compete for who could flex the hardest with new blings insight.

VVS diamonds have never been as present as it is now in today’s hip hop culture. You can blame the rappers and other celebrities who have been pushing their fashion style into the mainstream. So if you are an aspiring rapper without big, shiny pieces of bling around your neck and wrist, you aren’t doin’ it right. You would need at least one VVS hip hop jewelry or some designer clothing to attract the attention of your homies. 

A Closer Look: What is a VVS diamond?

Not everybody knows that shopping for diamonds can expose you to a whole new set of acronyms and vocabulary. If you are a diamond enthusiast, you have probably encountered the term “VVS diamonds.” But for the uninitiated, it might not ring any bell.

So what is it?

When it comes to diamond jewelry, everyone wants clarity. Who would want to spend their hard-earned money on flawed jewelry, right? However, due to the process of making natural diamonds, it may acquire flaws that are difficult to see with the naked eye.

Trained gemologists examine diamonds for inclusions (blemishes and flaws of the diamond) under 10x magnification. If the diamond has virtually no defect or inclusions, the gemologist will give it an “IF” grade, which means Internally Flawless. Meanwhile, if there is a minor blemish within the diamond that is not visible to the naked eye, but visible when magnified, this is where VVS comes into play. Since the flaws are not viewable, VVS diamond jewelry might seem flawless and affordable simultaneously.

VVS, which stands for Very Very Slightly Included, has two categories: VVS1 and VVS2. While the difference between these sub-categories is not visible to the human eye, it is straightforward.

VVS1 diamonds have inclusions near the edge of the stone, while VVS2 inclusions are towards the center. If you look into it on the Diamond Clarity chart, you will see that the VVS1 diamonds rank higher than VVS2 because VVS1 inclusions are more challenging to see from a face-up view.

Why Should You Choose VVS Diamonds?

What’s the deal behind VVS diamonds, and why are some people going crazy about it?

Pieces of jewelry with big and shimmering stones have become popular with rappers and media influencers since big shiny blings mean big numbers. VVS diamonds and gold will always be a part of rap and hip-hop culture as a way to flaunt their success and to stunt for clout tokens.

There are reasons why some people want to get their hands on a VVS diamond. The most obvious reason is due to its sparkle and shimmer that can turn heads even on the most crowded street. Another factor, especially for aspiring artists and rappers in the hip hop industry is its ability to emphasize wealth. However, it would be best if you kept in mind that diamonds with better clarity can give you the sparkle you desire. A bad diamond cut can dull even the brightest and most flawless jewelry in the market.

Since VVS diamonds are rare, it makes it an investment-worthy, as well. So if you are looking for the perfect VVS jewelry, where you won’t need to worry about an opportunistic jeweler breathing down your neck, check out VVS Jewelry today! We have an exquisite collection of diamond jewelry, so whether you are into necklaces or bracelets, we can fulfill them to meet your expectations with complete satisfaction. 


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