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Article: What Type Of Cuban Chain Necklace Should I Buy?

What Type Of Cuban Chain Necklace Should I Buy?
14k gold

What Type Of Cuban Chain Necklace Should I Buy?

If you have found yourself being fascinated with the gold rope chain hanging around DJ Khaled’s neck, then this article is for you. All rappers and hip-hop artists of today can be seen wearing a gold link chain resting on their torso, and this link chain is known as a Cuban chain necklace. The design is top-notch and has become even more appealing in today’s modern setting. 

If you want to find out more about these Cuban Chain Necklaces and which one to buy, then continue reading. 

What Is A Cuban Link Chain?

Cuban link chain necklaces are a variant of the normal cable chains found in every jewelry store. Cuban chainsstand out because each of the links present in these chain necklaces comes in an oval-looking shape. They are closely, tightly knit together, and are in a rope-like design. 

Types of Cuban Chain Necklace

There are five different types of Cuban chain necklace present today, and these include the following:

  • 14k gold Cuban Link Necklace
  • 10k gold Cuban Link Necklace
  • Gold-filled Cuban Chain Necklace
  • Gold plated Cuban Chain Necklace
  • Sterling Silver Cuban Chain Necklace

Cuban link chains can be made from practically any metal, including gold, silver, and platinum. The most common metal is gold, but most of these chains are designed to look yellow. In order to alter the final color, colored metals are added to gold; for example, copper is added to give it a rose gold color and nickel for white gold. 

How To Shop For Cuban Link Necklace?

When getting a Cuban Link necklace for yourself, you need to know all about them. Apart from keeping in mind the type of Cuban chain necklace, you need to know the size, gold purity, and quality. Learn all about these features down below to make an informed decision. 

  • Size

The look of the Cuban Link chain depends a lot on their size; hip hop stars and rappers such as Jay Z and Daddy Yankee tend to wear Cuban chains that weigh over 10 pounds. However, this size is not common for regular consumers, and so the question arises, how big of a Cuban chain should I get? The size of these chains depends entirely on your taste and the look you are going for. The thumb rule to observe when it comes to these chains is a width of 8-12 mm and a length of 18-22 inches before you opt for a large “kilo” Cuban chain. This size is ideal for people who want to stand out and at the same time look fashionable. 

  • Gold Purity

The next feature to focus on is the purity of gold. Cuban link necklaces come in 10k, 14k, and 18k gold, and the higher the purity ( the number of “k”), the more expensive the chain will be. An 18k gold is seventy-five percent of pure gold, whereas a 10k chain contains less than fifty percent gold. This difference in purity makes the 18k Cuban link chain over 60% more expensive than the 10k chain. Ideally, you can opt for a 14 or 18 karat chain, but a ten-karat chain is perfect for you if you are concerned about the price.

  • Quality

Many people confuse quality with the purity of gold, and this is not the case. A 10 karat gold chain does not have poor quality when compared with an 18k gold chain. Quality refers to craftsmanship, and poorer craftsmanship provides you with low quality. If you seek high quality above all, then you must go to a good jewelry store with excellent reviews and experience in the market. Don’t just buy the first Cuban chain you see, do your research, and then get the perfect chain for yourself. 


Cuban Chain Necklaces are making a comeback today, and the reason is clear and simple: hip hop music. The trend for these bulky pieces has continued from the nightlife and disco era of the ’80s, and as hip hop music grew, these chains gained popularity. Now Cuban link necklaces have become a symbol of wealth, success, and luxury and have proven to be a must-have jewelry piece today! 

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