How To Rock Your Gold Cuban Link Chain?

Buying a gold Cuban link chain may be an easy decision to make, but it can be extremely tricky to style them. Although the latest trends in the men's fashion industry allow them to create designs that fit their style, it is still far from being perfect and up to their preference. Cuban link chains have been worn by rappers and artists for years now and are mainly associated with streetwear, but not anymore!

Due to the immense popularity of these jewelry pieces, you can now style them in many different ways without overdoing it. Here are the best way to rock your gold Cuban link chain with elegance and style. 

  • Formal Look

You may think that this is an insane idea, but it is not! Gold Cuban link chains look outstanding with a tie and a suit and provide you with the sexy edge you are looking for. A full suit with a bow tie makes you have the business formal look you need, whereas adding a Cuban chain on this attire elevates the style to luxurious. Many celebrities, including Jay Z and Justin Bieber go for this formal look; it is no doubt a personal favorite for many other artists as well. 

  • Basic Look

Gold Cuban chains are ideal for a basic look, no doubt, and the best thing is that they can be paired with anything and any color. You can put on a pair of blue Levi's jeans along with a basic v or round neck t-shirt and wear the chain around your neck to upgrade the entire look. If you want a bad-boy touch, you can also put on a jacket over the shirt, and you are good to go. These chains are incredibly versatile and provide you with a minimal and fresh look while adding style and personality to you. 

  • Summer Look

You may think that these Cuban chains cannot look good with shorts and a vest, but this is where you are wrong! You can glamorize any look you want with these timeless jewelry pieces if you carry it with confidence. Many rappers tend to wear this necklace around their neck without any shirt for a casual pool look or wear it over their vests, and you can do so too. 

Add-In Pendants With Your Cuban Link Gold Chain

Apart from wearing these necklaces following the above styling guide, you can even add pendants for an elevated look. If you do not want to wear a simple gold Cuban necklace, adding a crucifix or any other meaningful symbol can help you. Some men even opt for a simple initial of their wife or girlfriends, whereas single men prefer to put their initials on it. This is a top luxury accessory, and it not only showcases your status but also your excellent sense of style. At the end of the day, you should wear this Cuban gold link chain in a way that showcases your personality and makes you stand out in the crowd.