Differences Between Miami Cuban Link Chain and Curb-Link Chain

If you are looking for a gorgeous chain in the market, then you may come across two very similar-looking designs: the Miami Cuban link chain and the Curb chain. Many people think that these two chains are the same since they have the same interlocking pattern, but this is not the case. Even though they may look the same, Cuban and Curb chains have many differences, including weight, aesthetics, and style. So if you want to learn all about these differences to make an informed decision, then continue reading. 
  • Weight 

Let’s talk about the weight of these since these two pieces tend to differ drastically in terms of weight. The construction of the Curb chain weighs less than the Cuban chain, and the reason behind them is the links. Cuban chain necklaces have bigger links on them, and this makes them heavy and feel bulkier than the Curb necklaces. Furthermore, even if you add a pendant to these chains, Cuban chains will give a more heavy look as compared to Cuban pendant chains

  • Design 

Curb and Cuban chains have entirely different styles; Cuban links are round and thicker, with two of the sides flat. You will notice that they are bulkier and bolder pieces and stand out from your entire fit while they lie close to your chest. On the other hand, Curb chains are more flat and thin because the links aren’t bounded closely together, and so that provides a more simple and subtle touch to your outfit.

  • Appearance

Both the chains give a different appearance when you style them; for example, Curb chains provide a more subtle look, but the Cuban link chains are sturdier. When you wear a Curb chain, you can expect movement and shine both, whereas Cuban chains do not move with the extra weight they have and are not very shiny either (unless you ice them). Regardless of the appearance, both the chains can take your outfit game to a whole new level, and this is where they are similar to one another. 

Make The Most Out Of This Trend

Whether it is a Cuban link necklace or a Curb chain, the legacy of these statement pieces is evolving each day. This is a fad that has not died down, and so you can enjoy the freedom of customization and style them however you want. The durability and strength they provide, along with affordable everyday use, make it a timeless jewelry piece to have in your cupboard. So go to a well-recognized store and get these Miami Cuban necklaces, Curb chains for yourself, and even a Cuban dog collar for your pet today!