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Article: The Best Cuban Link Dog Collar For Your Dog

The Best Cuban Link Dog Collar For Your Dog

The Best Cuban Link Dog Collar For Your Dog

If you are a frequent visitor to dog parks or tend to scroll through social media every other day, then you may have noticed a new emerging trend. This trend includes the use of gold chains around dogs' necks, especially pit bulls and French bulldogs. However, before you jump the bandwagon, you need to understand what type of chains these are and how to buy the right one for your pup. 

What Is A Cuban Link Chain For Dogs?

Cuban Link dog necklace has become incredibly popular recently, and many hip hop artists of today prefer to bejewel their dog just like they do themselves. Jewelry designers have developed a version of a Cuban necklace for your pup beautiful in craftsmanship and design. Plus, it also functions great in terms of durability and strength. This way, you can find the perfect Cuban chainfor your dog's collar and strut alongside without worrying about it snapping off. 

Alternatives To The Cuban Link Gold Chain

If you do not want to buy a Cuban Link gold chain for your pet, there are a few alternatives to this decision. You can make use of three different types of chains that will give you the same feel and almost the same look as a Cuban dog necklace. These three chains for your pet include Plastic gold dog chain, Martingale gold chain collar, or Choker chain dog collar. Continue reading to learn more about these chains and whether they are worth it or not. 

  • Plastic Gold Dog Chain

If you want to hop on this Cuban link dog chain trend just as a one-off costume, then buying an original Cuban link necklace may not be the right decision for you. Instead, you can get a plastic gold dog chain that is not real but doesn't look artificial either. It is cheap and excellent for taking snaps but keep in mind that this chain is not a good idea for the long run because it isn't durable. 

  • Martingale Gold Chain Collar

Martingale is another alternative to Cuban link necklaces and is a safer and more humane version of Cuban choker chains. This gold collar is made completely out of a combination of links and fabric and is more functional than the plastic gold Cuban necklaces. Furthermore, they even give a fashionable look so you can enjoy usage and Instagramming pictures; two-in-one with this dog collar.

  • Choker Dog Chain Collar

Even though this choker dog chain collar is used mainly for training, manufacturers have upgraded its design due to the popularity of Cuban dog chains. Now you can get these training collars in a bright gold collar that allows you to have a more Cuban collar feel, and you can enjoy it to the fullest. 

Are Alternatives Worth Buying?

Although the alternatives do provide you with a good price point and a very similar feel, they are no match for the original Cuban link dog collar. These Cuban collars are made with specialized machinery and equipment, and this craftsmanship is reflected in them. Plus, it needs a certain skill set and experienced expertise to achieve the same look, and so no alternatives can be a match for Cuban link necklaces and Cuban link collars. 

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