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Article: Men's Jewelry Bundles and Sets: The Do's and Don'ts

Men's Jewelry Bundles and Sets: The Do's and Don'ts
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Men's Jewelry Bundles and Sets: The Do's and Don'ts

Have you heard phrases such as "You can never pull that off" or "Men don't wear jewelry", then you should know that they are just excuses and are not true. There is nothing that men cannot do and no jewelry that they cannot pull off if worn in the right way. Wearing jewelry comes with a few right and wrongs, and if you follow the do's and avoid the don'ts, then you can pull off any piece of jewelry that is thrown your way. 

Learn all about styling jewelry and the dos and don'ts below and follow them for the next event to leave an impression on your guests. 

Do's And Dont's For Men's Jewelry

  • Don't Clash Metals

This is one of the most important style lessons you need to learn. If you opt for a Men's jewelry bundle and sets, it does not mean that you wear all the things together. You should not overdo metals and wear two things at the same time. If you have a set with earrings, a Cuban necklace, and a bracelet together, then you can wear the earrings with the necklace or earrings with the bracelet, but wearing two chunky pieces such as a bracelet and necklace won't look good together. The rule of thumb is to wear a small jewelry piece with a chunky piece and not chunky and chunky together.

  • Not Wearing It With Confidence

If you are a man of elegance and style, then it is completely okay to push your boundaries a little bit. Many men do not wear jewelry because they do not feel confident while wearing it, which is completely okay. In order to increase your confidence, all you need to do is go to the mall and head over to the jewelry shops. Pick out the best men's jewelry bundles and sets and try them on. This way, you can see how the jewelry will look on you, which will help build confidence. It is also a smart idea to keep things simple in the beginning, and you can opt for the most basic piece of men's jewelry, watches

  • Stick To One Kind

This may seem like a weird rule, but it is incredibly important as well. If you are getting a men's bundle jewelry set, it can have pieces made from different stones; some can be iced, whereas others are not. It is good to wear the same kind of precious metal together and not mix and match in cases like this. An example of this is, let's say you have a Cuban link necklace, a Cuban link bracelet, and an iced watch, then you can wear the iced watch separately and wear the Cuban link bracelet and necklace together. 

  • Don't Be Cheap

It is very important that you get your jewelry from a reliable place because cheap metals aren't that difficult to detect. There is no point in dressing up elegantly from top to bottom and then wearing a fake Cuban necklace. Fake metal jewelry is not that hard to hide, but this does not mean that you go all out on a piece either. Make sure you set a budget and opt for good men's jewelry bundles or go for jewelry sets since they will be more affordable to buy. With the right bundled-up option, you can give your outfit the "oomph" look you are looking for! 

Other Random Tips

Apart from following the top four do's and don'ts regarding men's jewelry, you can keep some random tips in mind as well. These tips include the following:

  • Different events have different jewelry etiquettes that you need to follow. You cannot just drape whatever piece you find to a funeral or a work event, right? Some occasions require you to wear earrings or a simple watch, whereas, in some places, you can wear your favorite Cuban link necklace and even the ice-out Cuban link bracelet. 
  • Jewelry doesn't always go with formal clothing, and you can wear it even if you are taking your dog for a stroll. Cuban necklaceswith diamonds and other shiny things decorated on them can elevate your casual look, and the best part? You can get a similar necklace for your dog as well! 
  • Men's jewelry is a long-term investment, and you must pick out the pieces that last for a long time. Go to a good-quality jewelry store, and if you have money to spend, then make sure you get a heavy Cuban link necklace since they never go out of style. 

When it comes to men's jewelry, finding your style is essential if you want to pull off the jewelry you are wearing. So choose carefully and find the one which reflects your personality so that you can flaunt it wherever you want. 

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