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Article: What's New? Trends in Men's Gold Jewelry

What's New? Trends in Men's Gold Jewelry

What's New? Trends in Men's Gold Jewelry

Due to pop stars such as Shawn Mendes, DJ Khalid, Jay-Z, and Harry Styles, jewelry has become an essential item in every man's closet. Sure, boys have been rocking rings and necklaces for a long time, but it wasn't until recent years that they started to wear jewelry with confidence and pride.

In the year 2021, many things have changed, including the trend in men's jewelry. So read about the most popular type of jewelry for men and the latest trends followed today. 

Most Popular Jewelry For Men

Even though trends keep on changing, some things stay consistent, such as summer shirts, jeans, and a few jewelry pieces. For men, these jewelry pieces include the following:

  • Rings

If you are a boy of style, then you will be familiar with rings. Whether they prefer jewelry or not, every person tends to like rings, which is why it is one of the most popular pieces even today. Rings are usually worn to denote privilege, status, and wealth. They sometimes have a personal meaning attached to them, such as their alma maters, marital status, and affiliation to specific clubs. Men can wear rings on any finger they want, but wedding rings usually are worn on the left hand's ring finger, so steer clear of that if you are single!

  • Necklaces

Necklaces are another very popular piece of jewelry present today. Men have always supported stylish necklaces and even the chunky Cuban link chain necklaces from the hip-hop era. Nowadays, having a pendant with a necklace has become a top favorite. These pendants include crosses, animal motifs, and even dog tags. Some people also prefer a simple necklace with their loved one's initials, and they have been a fad recently. 

  • Bracelets

Stacking bracelets has been a very sought-after jewelry trend for women and even men, but they haven't been able to wear them with confidence. Recently men have started to appreciate bracelets openly and preferred stacking them as well. Thicker cuffed bracelets made from a single metal or even iced out are a celebrity favorite, and now many have switched to thinner, more simple, and minimal bracelets. These thin bracelets can be put together with more than one bracelet and provides an extremely attractive look giving the perfect finish to your outfit. 

Rising Trends In Men's Jewelry

Now that you know about the popular kind of men's jewelry let's see what jewelry pieces and styles have the most hype even today. 2021 is the year to show off your ruggedness and masculinity and also opt for more flashy and blingy items, whatever suits your taste. There are no rules in men's jewelry trends today, and some of the more common in-demand items include the following:

  • Gold jewelry

Gold finishes and gold jewelry are in for men today. They take your outfits to a whole new level and give it the extra oomph you are looking for. Whether you want to wear them on a formal attire or informal attire, gold jewelry can be your best friend. Cuban link chains, gold earrings, and even bracelets are loved by boys of all ages and are the perfect attention-grabber. However, if gold is a little out of your comfort zone, then you can tone it down by following any other trend mentioned below. 

  • Beaded Jewelry

Beaded jewelry for men gives off a casual yet modern vibe that most people are looking for. They are lightweight, have various different colors, and are incredibly comfortable. The best part is that they can be extremely tight, and when worn as a bracelet, beaded jewelry can give the sexy edge you are craving. You can even drape around a beaded necklace on a formal attire to complete your look and make the entire outfit look hot. 

  • Chain Jewelry

Chains have been in the jewelry industry for quite some time now. Men have loved chain necklaces and even chain bracelets, and they are still a staple trend today. A simple chain necklace can fall onto your torso and finish your casual jeans and t-shirt look just right. You can even go for a thicker chain design for a summer or beach outfit or stick to thin chains for a simplistic look. When it comes to chain bracelets, men today are opting for substantial chains that have interesting carving and details on them for a stand-out look.

  • Black Jewelry

Black color is often associated with the words "sexy," "hot," and "confidence". Most leather jacket-wearing bad boys that hang around on their motorbikes opt for black jewelry, and if you see it, you'll fall in love with it too. Black jewelryis masculine, elegant, and sleek at the same time, and whether it is a simple ring with carving or a black-colored braided bracelet, these pieces are bound to stand out no matter what. So if you want to give a more modern and edgy vibe and leave an impression, black jewelry is the way to go. 

  • Leather Jewelry

The last trend of 2021 is leather jewelry. Leather jewelry is an uncommon occurrence and can be a little hard to digest; however, once worn, it can be difficult to take it off due to the stylish look it gives you. Today, many men are opting for leather bracelets that are plain or braided since it gives off a vintage traditional look when worn. The best part about leather jewelry is that these pieces can blend in easily, and you can wear them alone and with other materials. If you want a classic-looking jewelry piece to wear, leather jewelry is the one for you. 

Bottom Line

Even though there are many trends rising today, what matters at the end of the day is what you like and where you buy it from. Jewelry is a form of expressing yourself, and there is no need to go out of your comfort zone and be someone you are not. At the same time, you should only buy these pieces from reliable sellers to get the best quality of products present out there. So whether you want to follow these trends or not, make sure you have a good jewelry store to depend on at the end of the day!


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