Which Chain Should I Buy?

Which Chain Should I Buy?

When one has decided, “Oh, I am going to buy a gold chain,” there are a great number of options a person has to consider and decide on. Deciding which type to get can be daunting. There are chains that look best with a pendant, and other chains that look good as stand-alones, and then there are specific chains that are generally more suitable for men or women. Then there is also the option of chain link type, and what carat of gold you prefer. Here is a list to get you started on deciding what is for you:



This is more of a classic type. They have more of masculine touch, with a lay-flat appearance. Smaller and thinner curb chains, however, can be suitable for women. For women, it pairs well with a pendant, and are usually found in 14k format. Curb chains are also not easily-breakable but easily cleanable. Two good things.



It is the most common type of chain used in jewelry today. Cable chains are those whose wire has been textured or flattened rather than being round in format. It consists of oval links in the chain. If looked at closely, the resemble iron chains. Alone, they may look boring, but when paired with the right pendant, the chain can look beautiful with the pairing. A plus is that because of their easily-built makeup, they are easy to mend if broken.


Puffed mariner

As is evident by the name, this chain is inspired by everything of the sea. The 10k version is made up of interlocking ovals. The widths of the chains differ, with the common theme of the male’s being thicker than the female’s. They do also look like the chain that holds the anchor on a ship. Smaller chains can be worn with a pendant and larger chain styles can perfectly be worn alone.



Interestingly, this chain is made of square links and not ovals and round links. Their most popular type is the 14k for men and women. It is not easily damaged, but if it is, it is easy to repair. The square links make the chain more continuous with no breaks or kinks that come from oval-shaped links.



Also a simple chain, the figaro chain has a fancier flavor than the before-mentioned styles. It is made of different chains, actually, that are strung together, and the different chains having different lengths. One long link is followed for two or three shorter chains all made into one chain. Because of the thicker construction of the chain, you cannot remove a damaged section without repacking the link entirely, unlike other chains that you can just remove the damaged section and then connect the chain.           



The rope chain looks like an actual rope and is one of the most universally-worn chains there are. Usually found in 10k, it is the most durable and heaviest type of chain. They are great for pendants since the chain is so strong. Because the chain is created in a curling fashion, it is very shiny.



This chain is made of interlocking links and can be stretched out to look beautiful. Because of its stretchable quality, it seems to be in liquid form! The chain looks delicate and ornate, however, it is strong enough to hold large pendants. Great item for style.



This chain is made of small beads that are linked either directly touching each other, or there might be a bit of space in between them. These are commonly found in dog tag chains and give a light, cool mood. The small space or no space in between the beads at all allow for a lot of movement of the chain. Although it is light and moves easily, it also breaks more easily than the other chains mentioned up till now.



These chains have a beautifully textured look, due to the interlocking metal fibers that interweave within each other. The texture looks like the tips of wheat, hence the name. Because it is sturdy and has a classic look, it can be worn alone or with pendants. The links are made of twisted oval links that interweave with each other as mentioned before, in the same direction.



Tennis chains are traditionally composed with diamonds. The diamonds are symmetrically connected, but you can now also find other precious metals and stones connected to each other besides just diamonds. The thickness varies according to taste and purpose of the person who will wear it. The name comes from a female tennis player who was wearing a chain of connected diamonds. The clasp came undone and she demanded the game be postponed until the chain was found. The chain was found, she won the tournament for a fourth time, and now the chain has kept the name of tennis chain because of her. One can also have a tennis chain made with some colorless diamonds along with colored precious stones to add originality to your chain.



The chain looks exactly as it sounds: like a snake. It moves with the same flexibility as the body of a snake would. It is composed of round or flat links that are connected tightly together for a streamlined look. The links are so small they are barely noticeable to the naked eye. The chain does not tangle easily because it only bends in curved ways, not in angles. Because the links are so close together, cleaning the chain is easy as well.

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