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Article: We've collected 10 of our most popular gold chains for men, so take a gander.

We've collected 10 of our most popular gold chains for men, so take a gander.
Cuban chain

We've collected 10 of our most popular gold chains for men, so take a gander.

A classic look in dressing would be perfectly complemented with a gold chain. Golden chains are as precious to men or women. A series of links depict the difference in preference and purpose to make a perfect choice. Some gold chains suit well and some look amazing on women. Some are primarily pendants, unlike others that can stand on their own. In terms of shopping, gold chains differ in sizes, length, shape, and width. In your plan to purchase a gold chain, We have some tips below to help you figure out which chain is best for you.

Spiga/ Wheat Chain

This is a chain made up of multiple oval links twisted together in one direction to create a continuous chain. The Spiga chain contemplates a series of metallic fibers that run over and into each other in one direction. The chain looks like the tip of wheat and has a beautiful and elegant textural appearance. The Spiga chain is extremely durable and can be worn on its own or with a Hip Hop Pendant. It suits any occasion and has a very timeless, classy look.

The Rope Chain

The chain is durable and strong, as this kind of chain is usually made of metal segments that are twisted together to give it a rope-like look. It's rare to find another type of silver or gold chain with the same uniqueness and strength. The rope chain is the most popular, being significantly trendy and worn all over the world. It is among the heaviest, and possibly the one with the best textural touch. Both thick and thin rope chains are very strong and can be worn with some pendants. Large and thick chains are perfect on their own as a statement, while thin and delicate ones can be accompanied by a pendant. The rope chains tend to be shinier and lustrous due to their twisting patterns that bounce the lights into different angles.

The Curb Link Chain

This is a common chain with a timeless and very classic design of interconnected links which are square featured. The design enables the chain to have an extra dimension and a spackle on the surface of the links. Further, the beveled links interlock and lay flat; this is perfect for embellishing stones with curb link chains. Curb chains are among the most popular necklace chains that people wear. Chunky curb and heavy chains are traditionally more popular with men while thinner, smaller ones were originally seen as less robust to wear. The curb chain gets along well with the other jewelry and shines out even more when worn with a pendant. This chain can be easily cared for or maintained.

The Cuban Link Chain

Most people refer to this chain as the Miami Cuban Link Chain because of its versatility. Its oval shaped links make it thicker and more attractive. Further, the chain has a rope-like pattern that mingles well with the pendant. The Cuban link chain has an attractive weight and size which enhances perfect collaboration. The chain has a well-polished finish, Lobster clasp, and 19.3grams of gold making it an expensive rapper jewelry. If you are looking for a beautiful and elegance chain, go for the Cuban link chain.

The chain has V-shaped links that give it a thicker look. The strong bonded pattern makes it more reliable for anyone to rock and showcase both yellow and white gold. It is best for those who would like to add a pendant due to their great gold touch and their super tight design that introduces multiple notches. Their lengths fit on all body sizes and are suitable for small statures to a more eye-catching reflect.

The Franco Chain

The chain originated from Italy and is made of alternating patterns which are flattened circular links and one oval-shaped elongated link. It is simply a pattern of one long link accompanied by two or three oval-shaped shorter links. This makes it stand out perfectly whether pedantry or on its own which is a common trend. Figaro chain is a gender-neutral chain that can be worn by both men and women. Figaro chains are also known as three-one links due to their three circular and the one elongated link. The Figaro chains are easy to fix whenever there is a broken link. However, the fixing can only be done with an extra link to avoid messing the pattern.

Pearl Necklaces

Guys are now wearing pearls and pearl necklaces, and there is no way of stopping the trend from being big. But you may be wondering why this is the case.  Men wearing peals would be considered delicate, feminine, and soft.  Men wearing pearls is the opposite of jewelry that is considered masculine. These chains are simpler and unique compared to other chains. 

Men, particularly in the younger generation, are being drawn to a variety of jewelry styles — earrings, rings, necklaces, etc. However, we are seeing many men of all ages finding it easy to begin their exploration of jewelry with neckwear.

The Anchor/ Mariner Chain

This chain was inspired by the nautical world-known as the Mariner. The mariner chains are created in a unique design which appears to be an optional featured oval link. The chain has broken a central brand and out locking ovals which gives it an intriguing appearance. The chain appears in diamond-studded and solid stylesMariner chain is available in a variety of widths, meaning, the thicker the chain the trendier it is to men. On the other hand, the thinner, delicate, and smaller they are, the trendier they are to women. This chain can be worn in pairs especially ones with the smaller widths while the large widths can be worn independently with an attractive look.

 Box Chain

The box chain is put together by small square links brought together to form a continuous complete chain. The box chain is among the most popular chain that is preferred by both men and women. The chain exists in different sizes and widths with men preferring the wider ones. The most interesting part of the box chain is that it does not break easily. If it does break, it can easily be repaired without affecting the design.

To rock any attire, there should be a necklace chain to boot. Consideration should be given to men's gold chains, whichever you pick, to auger well. Gold chains are known to compliment a variety of dressing to cut a unique appearance and rock.

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