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Article: How To Wear A Chain: A Man’s Guide To Wearing Necklaces

How To Wear A Chain: A Man’s Guide To Wearing Necklaces

How To Wear A Chain: A Man’s Guide To Wearing Necklaces

Many people believe that necklaces are designed for women only but those days have passed. Nowadays, men can style any piece of jewelry they like without the fear of being judged or looked at. Men’s jewelry department has expanded and the acceptance of hip-hop style has made men’s jewelry even better. With the introduction of Cuban link chains and tennis chains, you can wear a chain today and make people turn their heads. But if you do not style it properly, then you can easily look like a mess. So read on below and learn about styling these chains today.

1. Choose The Right Style

First things first, figure out which style of necklace you want to buy. Most men's necklaces have a chain-like appearance and if you want to go for such a style then there are many options for you to choose from. The two most common types include the 18k Cuban link chain and moissanite tennis chain. The Cuban link chains have a very bold appearance and they resemble the design of a cable which makes it a timeless piece. With this chain, you are bound to turn heads due to its large design and if you wear it, you won’t need to add another piece.

On the other hand, tennis chains are more delicate and elegant. They have a shorter length and a smaller style which allows you to add in more accessories that you like. While Cuban link chains look better on casual wear, tennis chains can rock both informal and formal appearances. So depending on the style you like, you can choose between the two styles easily. You also have other options such as a rope chain, curb chain, etc; don’t forget to do your full research before you purchase the chain you like.

2. Pick The Thickness

The second thing to remember is getting the right length of the chain and the desired thickness. If you are buying this chain as a statement piece and you want all eyes on you, then go for a chain that is thick and with wider links. You can even add a pendant to this thick chain and amp up the look completely. On the other hand, if you are going for a minimalist and classy look, then a light chain and shorter pieces are ideal for you. The ideal length is 18” but you can always go for a longer length yet shorter design for a sophisticated and bold look.

3. Don't Forget The Color

There was a time when people used to wear white gold all the time, but these times have changed as well. Now you can get these chains in yellow gold and rose gold both but the color you choose depends on the type of clothes you wear. Yellow gold is a safe choice since it goes with every clothing piece but white gold stands out the most on neutral clothes and rose gold stands out if you are trying to be daring. You can even wear white gold with purples, blues, and greens but not everyone can pull it off. You must also keep in mind the other metals you have before you choose the chain color you like. If you plan on stacking the jewelry pieces in the future then you need to make sure they color coordinate so you can easily wear them together.

4. Add-In Some Pendants

As gorgeous as the necklaces look on their own, pendants are a must-have as well. These pendants not only elevate the look of your pieces but also give them a bold and classic hip-hop look. There are a few different types of pendants you can get, some of which include the following:

  • Religious Emblems; this is the most common pendant people buy because not only does the cross give a stylish look but it makes you look sexy.
  • Dog Tags; military-style dog tags are a type of pendant that many people love to wear. You can get a plain-looking tag to accentuate your jewelry or even customize the tag to have something written on it.
  • Name; people love to have their whole name spelled out in large fonts so that they can make head-turns. This is a common style for rappers but nowadays everyone is opting for it, even girls.
  • Initial; if you are not a fan of boldness in jewelry pieces then a single initial of your name or your partner's name is a great pendant idea.

5. Learn How To Pair

Once you have decided on buying the chain you like the most, you must know how to pair it. If you want some quick tips to get yourself started, then here they are:

  • Put on a graphic tea and drape a Cuban link chain around your neck, this will give you a badass look.
  • White shirts help you in accentuating the color of the chains and are the classic hip hop style; so if you are getting the hip hop jewelry, might as well follow the style.
  • Drape a leather jacket on top of your white vest and add in a touch of elegance with a classic-looking necklace; don’t shy away from looking bold.
  • Jewelry with a dress is a head-turner for sure so strap yourself up in a dapper suit and add in a delicate piece of jewelry around your neck. Pro tip: go for a tennis chain to make everyone go crazy.
  • Grab your favorite hoodie and loosen up the neck so that your jewelry can show through it. Don’t put the jewelry on display but let it shine on its own slightly.


Now that you know how to not only pick the necklace suited to you but also how to style it, then what are you waiting for? Head on out and rock your shiny pieces today. Wear them to a formal event and even to a casual one if you like because time’s have changed and jewelry for men is on the rise!

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