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Article: What you need to know about Tennis Chains

What you need to know about Tennis Chains
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What you need to know about Tennis Chains

A tennis chain is taken into consideration to be one of the classiest necklace chains along the Cuban hyperlink chain. However in case you are new to the hip-hop earrings tradition and don’t know anything approximately it, then you definitely have come to the right vicinity. Examine on beneath to analyze all about the tennis chain and what it is and where it originated from.

How Did Tennis Chain Get Its call?

A tennis necklace is given its name due to the tennis bracelet that become present before this chain. This necklace has whole and non-stop diamond-covered together which resembles the tennis bracelet. Due to the fact that this bracelet became already gift in the market, it made feel to create a tennis chain. But there's more to the history; the tennis bracelet become named after Chris Evert who changed into a tennis participant. This bracelet was known as the eternity bracelet lower back then and all through considered one of her fits, Chris Evert wore the eternity bracelet which had a damaged clasp. As quickly as she hit her shot, the bracelet flew off and so she stopped the suit and started out to look for it. This incident drew a variety of interest and so seeing that then this bracelet and design is called the Tennis bracelet/ Tennis layout.

How Does The Tennis Chain appearance?

Even though tennis bracelets and tennis chains have the same layout however they have one difference, the chain has bigger diamonds in comparison to the bracelet. The necklace may have bigger diamonds in the center and the rest may be filled with smaller diamonds to provide a tapered look. Tennis chains are crafted through white gold, but, most of the people choose rose gold or yellow gold as properly.

Moreover, unlike the 18k Cuban hyperlink chain, tennis chain men are imagined to be worn toward the neckline, with popular lengths being 18” or sixteen”.

How many Diamonds Are There In Tennis Chains?

Despite the fact that the variety of diamonds varies from manufacturer to manufacturer, a traditional tennis bracelet has around sixty two diamonds and every weighs zero.2 carats. So the entire carat one tennis necklace has is 12.Four carats. But, in maximum cases, the diamonds are crimped together on an 18k white gold setting which makes it weigh around 40grams.

Tennis Chain Customer's Guide:

In case you are buying a tennis chain for the primary time and don’t know what to search for then don’t fear, we let you out. Whilst buying a tennis chain, you want to preserve 4 matters in thoughts:

  • Setting; the first thing you want to examine is how the man or woman diamonds or gemstones are present on the chain. It is a good concept to choose a four-prong placing considering the fact that this guarantees the diamonds stay blanketed and that they gained’t fall off without problems.
  • Clasp; You must also observe the clasp due to the fact much like it took place with Chris Evert, the clasp can come undone or get broken which could make you lose your bracelet. So make certain the clasp is difficult to open so it doesn’t fall.
  • Links; Don’t overlook to test the chains to make certain that the hyperlinks between the diamonds are sturdy. This may defend it from breaking even if yanked with a force.
  • Flexibility; Tennis chains are alleged to be straight and should not sense inflexible and so you ought to check the flexibility of the chain. You could do that by means of absolutely dangling and the chain have to be immediately.

How Can You Style Tennis Chains?

A moissanite tennis chain is a excellent piece of jewelry gift in the marketplace and if you want a timeless, classic piece, this is what you have to get. But, earlier than you buy this chain you have to recognize the way to style it. There are a few fundamental approaches that you could rock a tennis chain and these include the subsequent:

  • As The Main Jewelry

This tip is vital for men and women each because it makes styling the necklace relatively easy and smooth. Tennis chains may be highly-priced and so that you want to make sure it gets all the spotlight. Make this your predominant rings so that each one eyes are on it.

  • Stacking It Up

You may even stack up on necklaces in view that this is the most apparent way of styling tennis chains. You could stack  tennis chains collectively or mix and suit with other objects consisting of a pendant on the chain, a bracelet to your hand, or maybe a choker. Any other way to stack up is via including a Cuban link chain or a Cuban bracelet package deal as properly.

  • Mixing With The Right Metals

Even though white gold turned into the cross-to metallic for tennis chains and diamond necklaces, the fashion has changed. Because of changes in way of life, you can have a rose-gold or maybe a yellow-gold tennis chain and blend and fit it with other metals to achieve a chic appearance. But, if this isn't always your cup of tea, then you could stay with white gold and rock your chain in some thing way you like.

  • Match The Neckline

With the intention to attain the precise look of this chain, you need to make sure that the necklace is perfect for the dress’s neckline. For instance, you can opt for a 17 or 18-inch necklace considering the fact that they paintings with each neckline but in case you need the necklace to face out then there are certain patterns designed for precise necklines. You could put on a granulated necklace on halter-fashion necklines and for team necklines, you can stack up on the necklaces. In case you need to put on a massive stoned tennis necklace, then a strapless dress is what you need. 


Tennis chains are fashionable and really sophisticated. They have a gorgeous style and stand out in a simple and fashionable way that is the reason the general public like to have them. If you need to splurge on this design, then you could choose this along a tennis bracelet and stack them each together every time you want.

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