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Article: Different Setting Types In A Tennis Chain

Different Setting Types In A Tennis Chain
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Different Setting Types In A Tennis Chain

A tennis chain is a very elegant and luxurious piece of jewelry that you can get your hands on today. It is sophisticated, easy to style, and is a head-turner wherever you go. But before you go ahead and purchase this elegant jewelry piece for yourself, you need to know the different types of tennis chain settings present and learn more about how the tennis chain actually looks. So read on below and learn all about the different settings of the chain and pick the one more suited to your needs.

How Does A Tennis Chain Look?

A tennis chain or a tennis necklace is a very shiny and sophisticated piece of jewelry present today. It represents the hip-hop trend and may not be everyone’s cup of tea but with the different styles and versions of this chain present, you can easily rock it without any worry. Tennis necklaces are available in different price points and lengths which makes them accessible to many people who want to buy this jewelry piece.

The best part about this necklace is that it is worn to be shorter and so you can easily stack the necklace with other jewelry pieces to achieve a head-turning look. Tennis chains look very good with Cuban link chains if the metal and color are the same. You do not want to get a tennis chain in white gold and pair it with another chain in yellow gold; this will not only look bad but will make you seem like a misfit. So choose the setting type you like, the length you desire, and also the color you want to achieve the best and most elegant look at every party.

Settings Types Of A Tennis Necklace

This elegant piece of jewelry has different setting types and these types help you in figuring out the design and pattern of the chain. There are two main types of settings present in this chain and these include A Prong Setting and Bezel Setting.

  • A Prong Setting

You may have heard about prong setting before but had no idea what it meant, well today you can put this confusion aside. The prong setup is a very known and popular type of setting for the moissanite tennis collection. These prongs make use of metal to keep the stone in place on the jewelry so it remains secure. The use of metal to hold the stone on your chain is prong and the heavier the stone is, the more prongs it will have. There are two major prong setting types and these include a three-prong setting and a four-prong setting type.

Three-Prong Setting

A diamond tennis necklace may have a three-prong setup but this is the smallest prong setting present in the market today. A three-prong necklace has three projected metals that help in fastening the jewelry and keeping it in place. Since it is the smallest setting, it is mainly used in securing three to five carats weighing tennis chains. This setting is used to hold not very heavy stones because there is another setting better than it.

Another thing to keep in mind is that the three-prong setting gives the diamond stone a triangular-looking shape and makes them take the spotlight. Even though it is a common method, many necklaces with heavy stones do not use it.

Four-Prong Setting

A tennis chain with this type of setting screams durability and expensiveness because a four-prong setting is used on heavier diamonds. In this setting, the diamond has a square shape due to the four projected metals present on each side of the stone. This type is more secure as compared to the three-prong style because it has more prongs for the security of the stone. However, most manufacturers make use of small and large stones both in a tennis chain so that it looks unique and stylish. Due to this, they use the four-prong setting on the heavier stones present in the middle and the three-prong setting on the rest. This illuminates the jewelry to make it look more elegant and magnificent.

  • Bezel Setting

Apart from the prong-type setting, the tennis bracelet also has a bezel setting. This setting uses metal frames in order to protect the stones on the necklace instead of using projected metals like prongs. While the prong setting gives a classic look, the bezel setting adds a contemporary touch to the necklace and makes it both modern looking and stylish.

Many people do not prefer this setting because they feel that the bezel reduces the sparkle of the diamonds but it does add a touch of sophistication to it. There are two types of the bezel setting, half bezel settings, and round bezel settings.

Round Bezel Setting

In a round-bezel setting, there is a round-shaped metal frame present on the sides of the stone to secure it on your chain. The white metal frame goes all around the stone’s side and makes a round continuous pattern that resembles a chain. This ensures that the stones do not fall even if they are yanked away from your hand or neck and gives it a very gorgeous and eye-pleasing look.

Half Bezel Setting

On the other hand, a half bezel setting does not go all around the stone but instead has metal frames at both ends of the diamond. As the name suggests, this setting forms a half bezel pattern on the necklace that is also secure but is preferred on lighter diamonds.


Now that you know all about the tennis necklace and the different setting types they have, you can easily go ahead and shop for the style you like the most. Keep in mind that for a more secure touch to your jewelry, a four-prong setting or round bezel setting is ideal. But if you are shopping for a lighter version of the tennis chain then three-prong setting or half bezel setting will be good enough.

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