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Article: Why We Love Tennis Chains

Why We Love Tennis Chains

Why We Love Tennis Chains

Hip-hop jewelry has been in style for years now, and there are so many options for you to choose from. Their gold jewelry is blingy, a head-turner, and a great investment for you to make, and with options such as Cuban Link chain, Franco chain, and Tennis chain, you can wear it on an everyday basis as well. While Cuban link chains have been hype for years and still are today, Tennis chains have only recently become a trend. If you are looking to expand your jewelry collection, then learn more about the tennis chains below and why they are loved so that you can make an informed decision.

What Is A Tennis Chain?

The tennis chain is a unique look jewelry piece since it has a different style than other chains in the hip-hop jewelry collection. It does not have a circular or open design but instead is thinner and connected through a line of diamonds which makes it very blingy. With this chain, you can wear it on its own due to its shine, or you can add in a pendant for a bling look.

Since the tennis chain has a thin style, you need to be careful when picking the pendant. Unlike Cuban link chains, which can support larger pendants, tennis chains are known for minimalism, and so you need to choose a pendant that fits that style.

How Can You Style This Piece of Jewelry?

Now that you know what tennis chains are, you must know how you can style them. These chains are easy to wear as compared to other jewelry pieces in the market, but there are a few style tips you need to keep in mind when wearing these chains. These tips include the following:

  • Go For Solid Color

The best way to showcase your pendant is by wearing a solid-colored shirt, mostly white or black, in order to give an extra flair to it. These pendants look best on plain shirts instead of printed ones since they put attention to the bling wrapped around your neck.

  • Choose The Right Pendant

As mentioned above, tennis chains are delicate, and so you can add in a pendant if you like, but you need to carefully consider the pendant you are going for. Keep in mind the width and length of the chain, and then choose the right pendant. If your chain is short and thin, then a small pendant with your first initial will be a smart idea. However, if the chain is thick and long, then you can easily add in your whole name spelled out or any other pendant design.

  • Mix With Other Accessories

As mentioned before, tennis chains are not very thick in nature, and so you can easily mix them with other accessories. However, you need to keep the length of your chain in mind; if your chain is closer to your neck, then you can add in a longer-length chain along with it. This gives a very stylish and attractive look. When you vary the length of the chains, your outfit can get spiced up.

Another way to add in accessories is by wearing a single chain and adding in rings, bracelets, or a blingy watch to pull the entire outfit together.

Why Do People Love These Chains?

These tennis chains may be a rising trend, but many people do not understand why it is a trend at all. If you are one of those people, then read on below to understand why these chains are so popular today.

  • Elegant Design

These chains have a very professional and sophisticated design which makes them a must-have buy for both men and women. Tennis chains can be crafted with yellow gold, white gold, plated gold, and diamond studs to give a luxurious feel to them. The connection of the diamond stud with one another makes the design not only intricate but very mesmerizing. These chains are also very aesthetic-looking and instantly lift up your entire look. If you want to style up your plain dress or suit in an effortless manner, the tennis chain is here for you.

  • Versatile

The best thing about this chain is that it can match any outfit very easily due to its versatile nature. These chains have a simple design, and this makes them easy to pair with your clothes, whether they are formal or informal, and also allows you to pair them with other jewelry pieces. You can even wear them as a single statement piece and elevate your ensemble to a whole new level.

  • A Classic

These chains are loved by people of taste, and this is because they are a classic. These pieces are timeless and the perfect gift for your partner. You can not only get it for yourself but also gift it to family members since you can get different designs. Since its debut on the tennis court in the ’70s, these chains have only risen as an effortless and stylish piece of jewelry. It is sophisticated looking, versatile, and timeless; all of this makes it people’s favorite.

  • Available 

Apart from being a classic, these chains are also easily available. Nowadays, you can get them for almost every shop, but it is a smart idea to only buy from reliable shops. This way, you do not have to worry about the quality of these necklaces, and you can be assured that what you have is the real deal.


Tennis chains are easy-to-style chains that can take attention wherever you go. These chains are for both men and women and come in various different designs. You can pick the designs depending on what you are most comfortable with and effortlessly wear these chains. The best part? You can even add in a pendant and give it a personalized touch and gift it to your significant other. So what are you waiting for? Shop for these tennis chains today and amp up your outfits right away.


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