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Article: What to buy? A guide to Men's Hip Hop Jewelry Trends

What to buy? A guide to Men's Hip Hop Jewelry Trends
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What to buy? A guide to Men's Hip Hop Jewelry Trends

There are trends that leave a permanent mark, and the hip-hop movement is one such trend still prominent after a decade. With award-winning songs, unforgettable chart-topping albums, and figures such as Snoop Dogg, DJ Khaled, and Jay-Z, hip-hop has changed the way people look and listen today. The hip-Hop lifestyle has taken over the fashion world and has dominated the jewelry market. So let's take a look at the hip-hop jewelry trend, what makes these pieces stand out and what to buy. 

What Are Your Jewelry Options?

Each category of Hip-Hop jewelry has different shapes and sizes, and it can be confusing to find what you like if you are not aware of the jewelry options. Some examples of hip-hop jewelry trends include the following:

  • Hip-Hop Chains

Hip-Hop chains are a very important part of the lifestyle, and they come in different varieties to match your wardrobe. With thinner styles such as micro chains and cable chains and thicker styles such as Cuban link chains, rope chains, Figaro chains, tennis chains, all are very well-known for achieving extra bling. 

Hip-Hop chains are completely covered in diamonds and are thick chains wrapped around the rapper's neck. 

You can even add in the thinner chains like micro chains with thicker ones such as box chains for a more prominent style statement. In addition to layering, you can even mix and match the metals or add and remove pendants depending on where you are headed off to. 

  • Hip-Hop Bracelets

Similar to the chains, hip-hop bracelets come with both chunky and thin options. Most bracelets are plain metal links or come with encrusted bling depending on what you are looking for. Some popular bracelet styles include box, tennis, and Cuban link, and the best part is that they all look perfect when layered together on your wrist. 

Additionally, bracelets can be combined with a watch to give you an added texture. It is a good idea to go for a bracelet with a tricky link design for a unique look or sick to a Cuban link bracelet for a true hip-hop look. 

  • Hip-Hop Pendants

Just like chains and bracelets, pendants for hip-hop jewelry have many different styles and can be small and also extra-large. One of the many reasons why people opt for pendants is that they are easily customizable. You can add more to the pieces already present or customize pendants from scratch accordingly. 

Also, pendants provide a more head-turning look when placed in a thick chain, such as a Cuban link chain with a pendant is very hard to ignore. When it comes down to the style of pendants, some people prefer animal pendants, whereas some like religious icons, brand names, or skeletons. The most common pendant style is definitely the wearer's name, initials, or religious cross. Since hip-hop jewelry is customizable, you can make the pendant into anything you want. 

  • Hip-Hop Watches

A good quality hip-hop watch can bring together your entire look, and this can be seen on many artists and stars. Rick Ross, Jay-Z, Nicki Minaj, and Kanye West are just a few hip-hop rappers passionate about wrist wears. Watches have different customizing options, and so no two watches can look the same. The number of dials, theme, hands, amount of shiny diamonds placed are just a few easy ways to customize watches. 

A hip-hop watch in yellow gold color is a very popular option today, and it goes exceptionally well with your hip-hop bracelet

  • Hip-Hop Rings

Hip-hop rings are another excellent jewelry piece and can add a whole new touch to your wardrobe. These rings are a complete statement piece, and since they are very shiny, they stand alone on their own very well. Similar to hip-hop pendants, rings have the ability to be customized with different designs, logos, and styles accordingly. 

The best part about these customized rings is that they can either fit a single finger or even your whole hand depending on what you prefer. Getting a name ring is a bold way to style your hip-hop look and is an attention-grabber for sure. 

  • Hip-Hop Earrings

Hip-hop earrings are another lastest jewelry trend for men present today and are a subtle way to add bling to your plain outfit. For men, a simple stud diamond-encrusted earring is the perfect style statement and adds flair to their whole look. Some people even opt for small hoops, but a diamond stud is more attractive and gives a very classy look. 

What Are The Main Characteristics Of Hip-Hop Jewelry?

Hip-hop jewelry stands out due to some specific features it has. There are several hallmarks that reflect the hip-hop lifestyle on jewelry pieces, and these include large size, bling, bold and extremely elaborate pendants, rich gold color tone, and customizable options. 

If any of these characteristics sound like something you want, then hip-hop jewelry is the perfect purchase for you. So make your look more attention-grabbing and classy at the same time and buy these timeless pieces from a reliable store for durability and good quality. 

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