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Article: Custom Name Necklace: Show Your Vibe On A Chain

Custom Name Necklace: Show Your Vibe On A Chain
cubin link chains

Custom Name Necklace: Show Your Vibe On A Chain

A custom name necklace is one of the best ways to get a jewelry piece that reflects you and your personality. Customization is the latest trend, and from weddings to dresses to jewelry, everyone loves this trend and wants to be a part of it.Jewelry customization, especially with necklaces, is one of the easiest, simplest, and most attention-grabbing ideas since it sits right on your torso or in between your collar bones and is hard to miss. 

So what is your vibe when you plan on customizing yourself a necklace? Is it mellow and minimalistic, attention-grabbing and going all-out, or somewhere in between? If you want to learn about customizing your necklace according to your dressing vibe, then continue reading below. 

Right Customization Depending On Your Vibe

When you are customizing a necklace, you need to keep in mind when you plan on wearing it and then customize it accordingly. There are different ways you can alter your necklace depending on the vibe, this includes; formal, informal, and moderate. 

  • Formal And Mellow Vibe

This necklace customization is more minimalistic, and it helps in elevating your outfit instead of hogging all the attention. Some ideas for it include a simple pendant with your initials on it or one with a cross sign or any other religious symbol. The thing to look out for is the size; no matter what you want on the necklace, the size should be small and not very attention-grabbing.

  • Informal And Loud Vibe

When it comes to an informal vibe for necklace customization, then you are free to do it however you like. You can go for the hip-hop-styleCuban link chains that rappers wear or opt for a box-style thick chain wrapped around your neck with a customized pendant. Pendant options are unlimited when it comes to a loud vibe. 

Opt for a large-size full-namependant or acustomized 3D portrait chain. You can even get a matching set with a custom name of Cuban link chain and bracelet so you can go all out. Other options have to include acursive baguette pendant chainor atennis chain with letters on it. The best part? You can customize your Cuban link chain necklace along with yourdog’s collar and match along while you go on a stroll.

  • Moderate Vibe

Customizing your necklace according to a moderate vibe is the easiest. You don't have to stress about where you are wearing it but simply about the size. You can opt for letter pendants,customized photo chains, iced-out names, and even a nameCuban link choker. 


With so many eccentric options to choose from, customization is easy and fun to do so. You can add in your touch to every jewelry piece you have and not only necklaces and enjoy it to the fullest. Everyone loves a personal piece of jewelry, so what are you waiting for? 

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