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Article: Jewelry Maintenance: Can You Wear Gold In The Shower?

Jewelry Maintenance: Can You Wear Gold In The Shower?
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Jewelry Maintenance: Can You Wear Gold In The Shower?

This question is asked many times, and it is a legit question for anyone who is genuinely concerned. However, if you are wondering what the answer to this is, then it is not a simple yes or no. There are three different kinds of gold jewelry, gold plated jewelry,gold jewelry, and 18k gold plated. You also get gold-filled jewelry and14k gold jewelry as well. 

So let’s take a look at which gold jewelry is shower safe and which is not, so continue reading!

Which Gold Jewelry Can You Wear In The Shower?

When it comes to gold jewelry, there are some you can wear in the shower and some that you should avoid. So read on to find out which jewelry you can wear casually and which pieces require utmost attention. 

Can I WearGold JewelryDuring Shower?

If you have real gold, then this can last you for a very long time, and the best part is that it does not get affected by chemicals or water. You can easily shower withgold jewelry but be prepared for the jewelry to lose its shine and luster over time. If you are showering with it daily, then be prepared to reduce the lifespan of the gold. The best thing to do is to remove the jewelry and then take a shower; otherwise over time, your pieces will start to look very much like artificial pieces. 

Can I Shower Wearing Gold Plated Jewelry?

Gold plated jewelryis made with the use of a very thin layer of gold over your jewelry, and so it is not safe for showers. If you do take a shower with it, then you will notice that over time the gold will start to peel off and it will become chipped from some places. Most people prefer gold-plated jewelry due to the shiny appeal it has, but if you continue to wear it in the shower, then the shine will deteriorate as well.

Can I Wear18k Gold Plated Jewelry In The Shower?

Yes,18k gold plated jewelrycan be worn in the shower, but this is not a good idea. Over time, soap and hard water will leave a residue on your jewelry and make it look dull. This can also lead to weak color and shine, and so you should avoid damaging it. 

Can I Shower With Gold-Filled Jewelry?

Yes, you can wear gold-filled jewelry in the shower due to the way these pieces are made. It is made with gold base metal and is then covered up with a thicker layer that protects the gold in between. Both the layers are bonded very tightly together, and it doesn’t peel off even if you go into the shower with it. The best part about gold-filled jewelry is that you can use it when going for a swim as well. 

Can I Wear14k Gold When In Shower?

Yes,14k gold can be worn in the shower as well because this is high quality and doesn’t get affected by water as such. This is one of the top metals and is resistant to reactions. However, avoid taking it through any harsh chemicals since this can lead to severe reactions and also wipe it down every other day to maintain its shine. 

Bottom Line

As mentioned above, all gold jewelry except jewelry with gold filling is unsafe for use in the shower. Gold is a durable metal, but over time the icey and luster look it has can decrease, and it won’t look the same. So to maintain these pieces make sure you take them off before you hit the water or the pool and put them back on when you are done.

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