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Article: How Long Does A Gold Plated Jewelry Last?

How Long Does A Gold Plated Jewelry Last?
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How Long Does A Gold Plated Jewelry Last?

Gold plated jewelry is an excellent invention for many who cannot afford to buy real gold. It has the same exact appearance as real gold but does it without draining your entire bank account. Unfortunately, gold plated jewelry is not invincible and depending on the style, the amount of gold used and maintenance the durability can increase or decrease. So let’s learn how long these jewelry pieces last and some tips to maintain them for the future.

What Is The Durability For Gold Plated Jewelry?

Determining the exact durability of a gold plated chain or any other gold plated piece can be difficult to do since this depends on a number of factors. If the plating on the jewelry is thick then it will last longer than a piece with thin plating. Also, jewelry that you wear on a daily basis can get worn out easily since it comes in contact with outdoor elements which can lead to damage. 

On an average, gold plated jewelry tends to last for around two years before the gold tarnishes and breaks down. However, the length of time can be more or less depending on how you maintain your jewelry collection.

How To Look After Gold Plated Jewelry?

Cleaning and maintaining gold plated jewelry is important for its durability just like you look after gold jewelry. However, gold plating requires more attention and maintenance since the layer of gold present on the jewelry is thinner than solid gold and is made using gold alloy. Some tips to look after this kind of gold jewelry include the following:

  • Store your pieces in a safe place to avoid scratches. If you are not wearing it then place it in a jewelry box that is made to store jewelry since this helps in preventing dirt and dust build up. 
  • Avoid making contact with perfume, makeup, cologne, sunscreen, soap, moisturizes, detergent and any type of chemical that you can be in contact with. These chemicals react easily with gold plating and make it break down. 
  • Do not wear such jewelry pieces to the pool or the beach since the salt in saltwater can damage the pieces along with the chemicals in freshwater will turn your beautiful jewelry in a lackluster and chipped-away piece. 
  • Keep your gold plated jewelry clean and in a top-notch shape. To do this you simply need warm water and liquid soap and then wipe it using a tissue; do not put the jewelry in this water-soap liquid otherwise you’ll ruin it. 
  • Also make sure you deep clean once a month at least and with a toothbrush scrub all the hard-to-reach areas. When done, make use of a clean cloth to wipe it and then you can store it easily. 

    Final Verdict

    Now that you know all about gold plated jewelry and how to make it durable, you can start to look for some gorgeous pieces you can wear. Gold plated necklaces, bracelets, rings and earrings are all great investments for people who are on a tight budget and do not want to compromise on style. So go shopping for gold plated jewelry and make a statement that leaves everyone impressed. 

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