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Top 5 Men's Jewelry Chains To Boss Up Your Style

Top 5 Men's Jewelry Chains To Boss Up Your Style

If chains are your style, but you don't know how to wear them with confidence, then you have come to the right place. Whether you need a chain big enough to be spotted from 10 miles away or a small one that fits perfectly, giving you a minimalistic look, you must know how to style it. 

Today there are many different chain styles present in the market; however, the most common five include Miami Cuban, Figaro, Cable, Rope, and Box. Read on below to learn more about men's chains and how to style each of them individually. 

  • Miami Cuban Link Chain

Miami Cuban link chains are a part of Curb chains, and they have a timeless and basic design. These chains are made with interconnected and uniform links that can lay flat while it stays interlocked. Miami Cuban link chains have been in the industry for quite a while and spread like wildfire during the Hip-Hop era. Celebrities such as DJ Khaled, Kanye West, and Jay Z can be seen sporting these chains during their casual outings as well as formal events. 

The chunky and heavy curb chains have a masculine touch to them and are very popular among men. However, some people prefer the delicate and feminine style, which is the thinner ones, and pair it along with pendants. These curb chains are very sturdy and easy to maintain and look after, and you can style them easily as well. 

  • Figaro 

This is another well-known necklace chain that has a simple design but looks very fancy when worn. As the name suggests, Figaro originates from Italy, and it is made with an alternating pattern of links that have different sizes. When laid on a surface, these links are flat. Generally, the pattern is made by a single link that is followed by two or three links that are shorter in size.

Figaro chains are worn by both women and men and have a gender-neutral design. Since they are made from a thick wire, the construction of it is very durable, and in case the link breaks, you can easily fix it on your own. However, keep in mind that the pattern of this chain is such that you cannot remove a link that is broken without replacing it back entirely since this can mess the entire pattern up.

  • Cable

Cable chains are another very basic-looking chain that is similar to the iron chains men commonly wear. These chains have been worn in different functions, from formal to informal events, and are the most common necklace jewelry today. It is made with a series of oval links that are connected to one another and form a beautiful and functional chain. 

These cable chains are very eye-catching when paired with a gorgeous-looking pendant, and their sturdy nature makes them very long-lasting. 

  • Rope 

A rope chain is another very gorgeous chain present in the market today. It consists of different metal segments, and they are twisted together in a pattern to provide an appearance similar to a real rope. Rope chain is one of the most worn chains for men all around the world due to the durability and heavy look it provides you. It is also incredibly textural, and most people prefer to wear it along with a pendant. You can even get a delicate-looking rope chain that is lightweight and a statement piece for formal events. However, since these chains have a twisting pattern, they allow light to reflect from different angles, and this makes the chains shiny and lustrous. 

  • Box

Unlike cable chains, box chains are made using square links instead of round and oval links. This makes box chains very smooth and can be worn by both men and women. They come in many different widths where the wider ones are popular for men and the smaller ones for women. 

These chains do not break easily; however, if a link does break, it can easily be replaced without any issue. Furthermore, these chains can also be reattached easily without replacing the broken link and don't affect the design as well. The length of this chain can be easily altered depending on your preference and which outfit you are wearing it on. 


Jewelry for men has become incredibly common, and now there are very few guys who opt for a no-jewelry look. Chains such as the ones mentioned above help alleviate your outfit and give it a sexy-edge that you are looking for. Whether it is a formal dress event or a basic summer party night, putting on a chain will turn your whole outfit around and make you feel more confident than ever before! So what are you waiting for? Grab your chains today and boss up your style easily.