What is trending Hip Hop Jewelry?

What is trending Hip Hop Jewelry?

Chains, Chains, and More Chains

It's no mystery that hip-hop culture is associated with gold chains. A recent gold chain, similar to a Cuban link choker, symbolizes achievement in the hip-hop industry. High-quality chains are an expensive investment; thus, it shows off an artist's accomplishments. An essential aspect of the business, chains, may be seen in most hip-hop fashion styles.

Also, with the rap group Run DMC, gold chains initially came on the hip hop scene in the late 1980s. Both successful rappers and hip-hop fans love them because they serve as status symbols. There are many different kinds of chains you may wear, but some of the more popular designs to watch for in 2022 include:

Cuban chains

Within hip-hop jewelry, the Cuban link gold chain is a standard. A Cuban link chain is incredibly adaptable, combines traditional and modern design, and is durable.

The Cuban link design is characterized by its rope weaving and oval links.

It is designed to allow for customization since jewels may be readily used to connect to the chain's links and pendants. The Cuban link gold chain, which initially gained popularity among '80s hip hop musicians, improves an ensemble for special events even without the modifications.

You may get various lengths and widths of Cuban link chains to suit your taste. Additionally, you may buy several Cuban chain designs and stack them to create a striking statement piece that reflects your confidence and sense of style

Jewel studded chains

The original gold chain serves as the foundation for increasingly complex modern designs. Celebs and hip-hop enthusiasts will be spotted in 2022 sporting customized gold chains with some shine. Cuban chains provide diamonds or diamonds that pave a smooth surface for a visually arresting appearance.

For flamboyant fashion statements, Cuban chains can also accommodate large gemstones. As just the hefty styles of the '90s re-emerged in 2022, large gold chains with enormous rubies are a terrific choice for a distinctive look. In place of the smaller designs that were popular during the early 2000s, thicker chains are becoming more popular, so don't be hesitant to embrace the boldness of all this appearance, including some jewels and substantial gold links. 

Highly personalized pendants

This craze for pendants is yet another sign that bulky chains and big accessories are coming. Hip-hop performers showcase their personalities and status through their pendants and chains. By 2022, choosing a necklace with personal significance will also be popular since it will enable you to boldly incorporate your ideas into your fashion.

The most well-known pendant designs include crosses, other religious symbols, spherical gold pendants, and jewels inside a substantial gold border. Create a distinctive look for your jewelry by matching the colors of the chain to the pendant. For example, to finalize the style, stack rose gold chains, the longest of which should be adorned with a rose gold diamond cross pendant. 

Who has the most expensive jewelry in hip hop?

Are you familiar with Kayne's Horus? Or Big Ass Chain by T-Pain? Most of us have probably seen their spectacular photos with the enormous necklaces around them. But what other chain and pendant are the most highly-priced?

Would it contain rose gold or diamonds? You'll be surprised by the responses. Let us learn what there is to know about such enormous chains and pendants.

1.Owl Chain | Drake | $120,000

Drake, a well-known Canadian rapper, has amassed massive wealth via his rap career. Drake's net wealth is about \$180 million, yet his flashy necklace with an owl pendant hints at his prosperity.

Drake's owl masterwork is made of 18 carats of rose gold and 343 diamonds. The owl pendant already has 23.32 carats worth of diamonds set on it. The owl chain ranks eighth among the priciest chains held by rappers, with a total price of $120,000. 

2.Cuban Chain | Jay Z | $200,000

Gold is used to make one of the most famous chains ever produced. This brings up King Jay-Z, who cannot be replicated for the sparkle or worth. He donned an 11-pound chain, just like he does everything in his way. Oh, man, that is indeed hefty!

Cuban chains are renowned for always being elegant regardless of size. The great Jay-Z owns the tenth most costly chain held by rappers worldwide. Rafaello & Company came up with a bulky custom chain.

In 2013, Jay-Z donned this outfit as a message. It was So So Def's birthday anniversary. The rapper had the option of selecting a straightforward chain, but this would not have fit with his kingly aura. 

3.Ratatouille Chain | Quavo | $250,000

Wow! What could be superior to pure luxury and white gold? Hardly anything! Elliot Avianne created this pendant for Quavo based on the movie Ratatouille. The 2017 MET Gala was where he debuted this masterpiece. The line "call me Quavo Ratatouille" from the song "Bad and Boujee" also refers to the jewelry.

One of the priciest rapper chains was acquired by Quavo, who had a net worth of $25 million when he paid $250k for the Ratatouille Chain. The entire piece of jewelry comprises a QC chain, mini-Rolex, and WS white diamonds.

4. Horus Chain | Kayne West | $300,000

 The wealthiest rapper in the world is Kayne West. He has been shocking the whole music business with his back-to-back gigs, thanks to his $1.8 Billion net worth. Perhaps the most discussed event in the past several weeks was his current DONDA event.

Massive gold chains are undoubtedly Kayne's style because he is a rapper and quite wealthy. Unavoidably, Kayne was spotted performing in 2010 with a gigantic solid gold chain around his neck. How are the priciest chains ever missed? That's not you!

The Egyptian God of the sky, sun, and moon served as an inspiration for the enormous Horus necklace. This unique item, which costs $30,000 and is crafted of pure 24k gold, is one of a kind. Jacob & Co. developed the Horus pendant.

 5. Big Ass Chain | T-Pain | $410,000

The real BIG ASS CHAIN is about to arrive. This substantial portion is owned by rapper and well-known record label owner T-Pain. The total wealth of T-Pain is $10 million. Just by glancing at this, we could tell that it is among the priciest chains that rappers own.

The 197-carat Big Ass Chain is made entirely of white and yellow gold and has diamonds. The chain is heavier than 10 lbs.

Do you realize that T-Pain is sorry he bought the Big Ass Chain?

Indeed, you got that right. The rapper recently disclosed that he acquired the business on a bet. He views it as a foolish choice. What do you believe of it?

 6. Crunk Ain't Dead Chain | Lil Jon | $500,000

You heard correctly. The renowned Crunk Chain was recognized as the world's most fabulous essential diamond pendant in 2007. Lil Jon owns the chain and holds a 30 million dollar net worth.

You'll be shocked to learn that the Crunk chain, made of white and yellow gold, includes 3,750 diamonds. The "Crunk Ain't Dead" Chain weighs close to 51 lbs.

It deserved to be included on rappers' list of the most costly chains ever held. Why? Even for Richie Rich, the value of the Crunk chain at half a million dollars is significant.


7.64 Crayons Chain | Sean Kingston | $500,000

He is a rapper who released several successful albums before he was even of legal age. Sean Kingston has amassed substantial wealth, as seen by his Crayons Chain album.

On the list of rappers' most costly chains, 64 Crayons Chain is by far the most peculiar. It contains 64 gold-encrusted crayons that are housed in a gold box. Although it costs half a million dollars, it resembles a crayon box in appearance.

In 2007, Sean Kingston's crayon box chain was spotted on him. He allegedly claimed that his sister sent it to a jeweler in New York. According to reports, she barely had $500 worth of coverage on the Crayons Chain.


8. NERD Chain | Pharell Williams | $1 Million

The highly well-known Pharell Williams joined a band when he first entered the music business; today, Pharell has a net worth of $200 million. He has, nevertheless, been a huge jewelry fan since 2007, when he was a member of the Neptunes band.

Williams paid $1,000,000 for the NERD gold chain. A medallion on the chain features images of the Neptune band members. The medallion is covered in many diamonds and priceless gems. Although the exact quantity of diamonds is unknown, you can be sure that the rapper chain is the second most costly.

9. Rick Ross Face Pendant | Rick Ross | $1.5 Million

Rappers are self-obsessed, and one rapper's devotion has resulted in his own most costly chain ever. That means pricey in the sense of $1,500,000. Who would invest so much money in a chain? Rick Ross is the appropriate response. The rapper has turned himself into the priciest chain.

On the chain is a pendant featuring Rick Ross. In 2008, the rapper was spotted with this magnificent chain. But he didn't stop there. Rick Ross was spotted in 2010 wearing his self-portrait pendant, which also contained a smaller self-portrait pendant. Rappers are selfish beings, as I already stated. Rick Ross clearly understands how and where to flaunt his $40 Million net worth, whatever that may be.

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