What Is A Cuban Link Chain? All About Cuban Links

What Is A Cuban Link Chain? All About Cuban Links

Cuban link necklaces and bracelets are one of the most recognizable forms of gold jewellery. Cuban links have been popular for decades, proving to be a permanent fashion statement that inspired a jewellery subculture. Various styles of Cuban links became legendary accessories, spanning the culturally creative divide between hip hop music and elegant fashion. In this post, we'll look at why Cuban links are so famous, as well as the cultural history of the design. We'll also provide helpful hints for your future Cuban link buy.

What Does Cuban Link Mean?

Beginning with the fundamentals, what does the term "Cuban link" represent, and how are they constructed? A jewellery design style is known as a "Cuban link" involves interlocking round or oval gold rings to create a sophisticated pattern.

All the round or oval rings are interlocked together in this pattern, allowing them to lay flat against your chest or wrist.

Due to their enormous popularity and exceptional craftsmanship, Cuban links eventually became considered the gold jewellery industry standard.

One of the most durable and fashionable link chain designs uses Cuban links.

Its interconnecting design provides long-lasting quality and endurance. Because of this, Cuban links can be made into very substantial pieces.

Different Types of Cuban Links

Cuban links come in two different significant varieties for necklaces and bracelets. The first is the traditional Cuban link design, or "Miami Cuban Link." "Miami Cuban Link" refers to the conventional interlocking oval or round pattern. During the 1970s and 1980s, the Cuban population in Miami saw a massive increase in the popularity of Cuban link chains, giving rise to the term "Miami Cuban Link." The Prong Link is the name of the second variety of Cuban links. Unlike Miami Cubans, prong Cuban link necklaces and bracelets have a different design pattern that is not round or round. Prong links are purposefully made with sharper cuts, creating a woven square pattern. A few years ago, the popularity of prong links became prominent.

Our website has emerged as the top supplier for both varieties of Cuban links. Your next choice will be size and length now that you know the two types of Cuban links.

Due to its adaptability and availability in a range of sizes and weights, Cuban links are a fantastic design.

Wearing big, hefty Cuban link chains became fashionable as they became status symbols among hip-hop musicians and celebrities.

Even many bulky Cuban links piled together are still trendy nowadays. The answer to the question "are Cuban linkages expensive?" is often "yes."

The loud and showy jewellery culture that emerged in the late 1970s and early 1980s was influenced mainly by huge Cuban link chains, having one of this often-denoted luxury.

We advise choosing a Cuban link width between 10mm, 12mm, and 19mm if you desire a thicker necklace or bracelet. Despite their reputation for being huge and heavy, Cuban links are widely used in a thinner design. 6mm and 8.5mm are the ideal widths for a more elegant, modest, and traditional Cuban link necklace or bracelet.


Why Are Cuban Links So Popular?

It hasn't proven easy to identify the particular fashion movement or person(s) who are to credit for the growth in popularity of Cuban link jewellery over the years. To everyone's agreement, however, the hip-hop scene of the 1970s was when Cuban link chains first became well-known. The Jamaican-American DJ Kool Herc is credited with bringing hip hop music to the Bronx in New York City in the early 1970s. Block parties were held by DJ Kool Herc, who played hip-hop music.

These gatherings were renowned for their featured music and stylish guests who wore Cuban link jewellery. Cuban link jewellery remained popular even during the disco period and the expanding nightclub scene of the 1980s. Following the 1970s and 1980s, it was simpler to comprehend why Cuban links were so well-liked.

Cuban ties evolved into a representation of luxury, prosperity, and success as hip-hop music expanded and gained cultural prominence. Even today, Cuban connections are class markers.

What Are Cuban Links Made Of?

Cuban link bracelets and chains are frequently thought of as "gold," Cuban link chains are most commonly made of various karats of yellow gold. Many ten karats, 14 karats, 18 karats, and 22 karat gold Cuban chains are available.

Cuban links will be more expensive the more significant the carat.

Although yellow gold is the most traditional metal used in Cuban link chains, other varieties are also available in white gold and rose gold. Due to contemporary fashion trends, jewellers and designers have begun to create Cuban link chains in tri-colours or other rainbow colour variations.

Nowadays, both men and women belong to the population who wear Cuban link jewellery. Cuban link jewellery has become a must-have item in shorter choker-style lengths or more extensive and longer classic Cuban link necklaces.

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