What Is A Tennis Chain? Why Is It Called A Tennis Necklace?

What Is A Tennis Chain? Why Is It Called A Tennis Necklace?

What Is A Tennis Necklace?

 A tennis necklace is a particular style with a complete and uninterrupted row of diamonds, giving the entire neckline an attractive and timeless appearance. The diamond stones used to make tennis necklaces might be little or huge. Tennis necklaces are often made of white gold, though they can also be made of yellow or rose gold and are frequently worn with them.

Tennis necklaces are designed to be worn shorter and closer to the neck; standard lengths are 16" or 18". Tennis necklaces are available with different diamond cuts and CZ stones.

Tennis necklaces are now more frequently worn daily rather than just for special events. Because of this, tennis necklaces with cubic zirconia stones are more common.

Yes, The Name Comes From Tennis

Its name does have something to do with the game of tennis; if you're curious why this is labeled as a tennis necklace. Tennis pro-Chris Evert requested a time-out from officials at the 1987 US Open when her diamond bracelet broke and fell off her wrist. The match wasn't something Evert wanted to continue until she located her bracelet.

She referred to the diamond bracelet as her "tennis bracelet" in a post-game interview. The moniker spread rapidly, and soon everyone yearned for a tennis bracelet of their own.

Women's tennis bracelets evolved into elegant wardrobe essentials, creating a market for complementary necklaces. Furthermore, tennis necklaces were made to resemble tennis bracelets, starting a new trendy look for complementing necklace and bracelet designs.

How Much Does A Tennis Necklace Cost?

If you're curious about how much a tennis necklace costs, mainly if it uses diamonds, be prepared to pay a high amount. The type of metal, the number of diamonds used, and the size of the diamond will all affect the price of tennis necklaces. Any gold used to make jewellery will have a certain number of karats. Necklaces made of 10 and 14 karat gold will be less expensive than necklaces made of 18 or 22 karat gold. Reviewing the carat is our first piece of advice, followed by the sort of diamonds. Tennis necklaces with cubic zirconia stones are a good option if you're on a budget or aren't ready to spend more on a tennis necklace with a higher diamond grade.

Pros and cons of Tennis Necklaces


  • It's a lovely work of art.
  • beautiful settings
  • Classic necklace style
  • Long-lasting
  • alternatives for positioning the prongs


  • Expensive
  • Low-clarity diamonds still look flawless to the eye.

How do you wear a tennis necklace?

Among the most expensive pieces of jewellery available is a diamond tennis necklace. If you're looking for something genuinely timeless to wear, you know that nothing will ever look prettier on you than a tennis necklace.

The tennis necklace is considered one of the finest, even without additional adornments or flourishes. You can wear it with most of the clothes in your closet.

The high-quality designs of the tennis stones and the mountings, which leave you with a lovely, uninterrupted strand of diamonds, all held in place by a stone of your choice, are what set off the diamond tennis bracelets.

You can carry the tennis necklace in a variety of ways.



Tennis necklaces have a classy and graceful appearance.

Both chains are lovely, and the tennis bracelet will be an excellent choice for you if you're seeking something chic and understated yet don't mind overpaying a bit.

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