Thicc Skull Face Cuban Link Dog Collar


Let your dog be a king! This ultra-strong, super stylish designer dog collar will make your pitbull, bulldog, or mastiff the coolest pup around! It’s absolutely NOT your typical, pet collar found in any pet store! Our Thicc Skull Face Cuban Bully Dog Collar is the best deal for your large dogs. The gold chain looks great on your dog's neck while keeping it comfortable for hours and won't ruin your dog's coat/fur-like many suffocating collars or pierced collars collar. It's made out of high-quality stainless steel. It features with lock and carving skull pattern design, unique and stylish. It can be used as a Christmas present! Get this collar for your pet dog and surely it will be pretty cool. 

Width: 32mm; Collar Length:35-75cm - Please use a soft measuring tape to measure the circumference of the dog's neck or the widest part of the head. And the dog chain is better 3-4 inches longer than the dog's neck size. For example, the dog's neck size is 16inch, the suitable dog chain size is 20inches.

Our Thicc Skull Face Cuban Bully Dog Collar can perfectly pair with our extra thicc Cuban leash! Place your orders now!



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