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Article: Your Guide To Tennis Chains

Your Guide To Tennis Chains

Your Guide To Tennis Chains

If you are looking to invest in a timeless and classic jewelry piece that doesn’t go out of style, then a Tennis Chain is what you need. These chains are an incredibly great investment and an ideal gift that you can ever give to your loved ones or your partner. So read on below to learn all about these chains and how they work today.

What Are Tennis Chains?

A Tennis chain is a piece of jewelry that is made with either small diamonds or moissanite, which is a rare type of stone, ideal for these chains. The diamonds or stones are connected to one another through a thin metal chain and have a very stunning look. Now you may be confused as to how this chain acquired its name, well this is all because of Chris Evert, a professional tennis player who was very well known from 1972 to 1989. During one of her opening matches, a diamond bracelet that she was wearing broke and fell off due to the snapping of the clasp, and she stopped the match to look for it. Soon afterward, the jewelry industry named that bracelet the “Tennis Bracelet” and used that design to create “Tennis Chains” today.

This does not mean that these bracelets and chains are only designed for tennis players; everyone can wear them. They are classic, elegant, and give a bold touch to your outfits which makes them wearable and stunning to look at. If you want to add style and elegance to your look. These chains and bracelets can help you out.

Different Types Of Tennis Chains

When it comes to Tennis chain mens, there are many different styles you can choose from; some common styles include the following.

  • Round Tennis Chains

Round tennis chains are the most basic and common type of tennis chains present in the market today. You can get these in gold and silver both, depending on your style, and they are great for wear on an everyday basis. Also, both men and women can rock these chains, which makes them even more popular.

  • Blue Kyanite Diamond Chain

This tennis chain is one of the simplest and most delicate-looking chains present in the market. It comes in a silver-plated style and has a blue pendant added to it that completes the look. Sometimes manufacturers add in minimal diamonds that add extra glamour and style to the necklace.

  • Vintage Yellow Ruby Chain

If you are a fan of the vintage era of Audrey Hepburn and Marilyn Monroe, then this Vintage Yellow Ruby chain is what you need. This chain is filled with a vintage yellow vibe that will make you reminisce about the past times, and it comes with elegance and uniqueness, two in one. The chain is made with Italian gold and has diamonds hanging on it with precious gemstones.

  • White Glass Diamond Chain

Diamond chains can feature multiple stones or even a single stone that are attached to each other and encircle around your neck. Some of the diamond chain designs are very dainty, and this white glass diamond chain is one of them. This chain is made with white-colored diamonds that hang around a gold-plated chain to give a traditional yet stylish look.

  • Others

Apart from the four tennis chains mentioned above, there are other styles present in the market as well. These include Tennis chain chokers, diamond embossed circular chains, VVS diamond chains, moissanite tennis chain men, and diamonds with a gold chain. So you can choose from all these options and find a chain ideal for you.

How To Check The Quality Of Tennis Chain?

If you are buying gold or diamond jewelry for the first time, then the most important thing to focus on is the quality. Since tennis chains are made with small diamonds joined together, it is important that you find out the quality of the jewelry. Mentioned below are some tips through which you can do that, so read on below and find out:

  • Color

The most common feature through which you can assess the quality of the chain is by looking at the color of the diamonds present in it. An ideal color of the diamonds would be clear and white, but if you have customized it, then the color can be changed. If there is no customization, then make sure the diamonds are white in color for good quality.

  • Consistency

The next thing to look out for is the uniformity and consistency of the diamonds. Now the color of the chain does not matter, but the diamonds present around the chain should have the exact same color. This is because some cheap tennis chains come with patches of yellow and white diamonds mixed together, and this gives a very unpleasant look when you wear them. So if you are buying an expensive one, you need to make sure you are getting your money’s worth; this way, it will look elegant and will shine bright when you wear it.

  • Clarity

Another important factor for quality is the clarity of the diamond. Now for tennis chains, this can be slightly difficult to do so because the diamonds on them are very small; however, you can inspect them with a microscope if you want. You can also shop for a reliable place and trust the clarity without any inspection; this is what most people do. Keep in mind that the better the clarity of the diamond, the more shiny it will be.


Tennis chains are gorgeous and artistic pieces of jewelry that you can own and wear on different occasions. These chains go well with formal and casual wear, and you can wear them on a daily basis if you like. Moreover, the shine of these chains gives a very stylish look, and you can add a pendant to customize the chains as well. So if you are looking to make a good investment, these chains are the perfect buy.


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