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Article: What Is VVS?

What Is VVS?


            When you hear VVS, you should think “the best.”  VVS stands for Very Very Slightly.  This refers to the clarity of a diamond or “rock.”  Many people believe that diamonds come from coal, when in fact, they do not.  Coal has very little to do with the diamond.  Many diamonds that have been researched are older than this planet’s first sources of vegetation—which is the source of coal!  In case you were wondering why diamonds are so expensive, part of the reason is that they are ancient stones! 

    Most VVS diamonds have small inclusions that are totally undetectable to the human eye.  Inclusions are comprised of any solids, liquids or gases that were trapped with the diamond as it was formed.  Inclusions include both natural and manmade sources like:

  • Feathers
  • Crystals or minerals
  • Knots
  • Cavities
  • Cleavage
  • Bearding
  • Internal graining
  • Pinpoint
  • Laser lines
  • Laser drill hole


Then there are blemishes, which include:

  • Polish lines
  • Grain boundaries
  • Naturals
  • Scratches
  • Nicks
  • Pits
  • Chips
  • Breaks
  • Dark spots
  • Light spots
  • Abrasions


            The fewer the inclusions, the rarer and more expensive the diamond.  Other factors that make a diamond exclusive besides clarity include color, cut, and carat (altogether these are known as the 4 ‘s). VVS grade diamonds have such small inclusions that even gem professionals have a tough time seeing even with the help of 10x magnification.  VVS is only two levels below the top and most expensive grade called Flawless.  The levels of graded diamonds include:


Flawless (F)

Internally Flawless (IF)

Very, Very Slightly Included (VVS)

Very Slightly Included (VS)

Slightly Included (SI)

Included (I)


            Why is VVS worth it?  Other standards just don’t compare.  With VVS, you get insanely good quality without the insanely high price.  Nothing will shine as like VVS.  If you sacrifice quality, you’re throwing away your money.  Cheap diamonds with cracks on or near the surface can compromise the integrity of the gem and cause it to fracture. 

            While many inclusions aren’t even visible to the naked eye, diamonds that have fewer inclusions let in catch light and shine brighter.  Therefore, the purer the rock, the flashier it looks.  You can get all the bling, but still save thousands of dollars.  VVS diamonds are beautiful and can be seen as an investment.  Unlike some expensive purchases that lose value, VVS diamonds can appreciate over time

            VVS jewelry has a prominent role in the rip hop realm.  Countless rappers have doted upon VVS stones in their songs, more than any other type of jewelry.  The following hip hop rappers rave about their VVS bling:


Gucci Mane in “Tone it Down” when he sings VVS on the wrist.

Future in “I’m So Groovy”  VSS on my sleeves and VVS and White stones

50 Cent  “Outlaw”—Everything VVS, we flawless

Yo Gotti “Juice”—I got that VVS i-c-e

21 Savage –“Whole Lot”  VVS’s drippin’ off my chain


            VVS jewelry is a timeless classic both in and out of the hip hop world.  Rappers want to look their best, so they choose VVS.  VVS jewelry represents the hip hop lifestyle with many parallels.  VVS stones are made from years of unseen hard work by nature.  Good rappers get famous after years of unwitnessed hard work.  Diamonds are strong and not easily broken—neither are rappers, neither are you. 

            We are the premier source for VVS diamond chains.  Our ever-increasing inventory consists of many different styles of diamond men’s diamond necklaces.  The diamond chain became popular as early as the 1990’s and today many hip hop fans still make their statement with the classic and eye-catching accessory.  The combination with the gold makes most pieces dazzling.  Wearing gorgeous pieces like this help you show your success and tell the world, “I made it.”   Luxury items like our VVS golden diamond chains (including Cuban link chains) are available in many different styles offering bling-bling shine with a price that’ll make you smile.  Check out our unbeatable selection of diamond chains (link here).

            Our fantastic selection of VVS tennis chains is guaranteed to make you look your best.  A tennis chain is a flexible and elegant bracelet that holds a lot of ice.  It also has an amusing story behind the name.  In 1987, Chris Evert (one of the most fashionable athletes in history) stopped an intense match at Wimbledon to search for the beautiful chain that was flung off her wrist.   From then on, this popular accessory became known as a tennis chain rather than an eternity chain.  Our VVS tennis chains come with quality-made prongs to help keep your beautiful stones secure.  Find a tennis chain as unique as you when you click (link here).


            VVS watches are perhaps the most useful piece of jewelry any man or woman can have in their collection.  A “wear-anywhere” accessory, a VVS watch is the perfect addition to any outfit.  Diamonds are not just a girl’s best friend—they can be a man’s too!  VVS diamonds are the perfect décor for a hip hop style watch you can wear every day, no matter who you are.  Let the world subtly see your successes with top quality iced out timepieces here (link here).

            A diamond is unique because it is a rare treasure from the Earth.  They survived a difficult journey from the bowels of the Earth to the blazing surface.  You can let diamonds represent how unique and rare you are, and make it represent your arduous journey to greatness.   VVS rings are a symbol of eternity, for a circle has no end, it is infinite.  Hip hop bling rings adorned with VVS jewels are the hottest way to show your love for the lifestyle or make the perfect gift for those you love. 

            VVS gives you quality bling without spending unnecessary amounts of money.  Look flawless and be flawless with our unbeatable selection off VVS diamond chains, tennis chains, watches, rings, and more here (link here). 

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