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Camo Distressed Balaclava

REA-pris$44.00 USD

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Got mine! very nice quality and real weight, shines perfectly!"- Charles, VVS Jewelry customer

This Distressed Balaclava offers maximum coverage and protection against wind and cold. It has a breathable fabric for enhanced comfort and an adjustable face opening for adjustable full face coverage. Suitable for those who enjoy an active outdoor lifestyle, the balaclava fits anyone and is ideal for skiing, snowboarding, motorcycling, and hiking.


Maximum flexibility
Comfortable fit and made of high-quality fabrics, where sustainability is a priority.

Wrinkle free
No more ironing: machine wash, hang up and you're done.

Breathable & Quick-drying fabric
Fresh & comfortable all day long

Stain resistant
Liquid slides off the fabric without leaving a trace.

No odor
Neutralizes the bacteria that cause body odor when we sweat.

Camo Distressed Balaclava
Camo Distressed Balaclava REA-pris$44.00 USD