This stylish jacket is made from high quality cotton and is available in a range of stunning colors including black, navy, dark grey, khaki and army green.

The distinctive feature of this stylish jacket is its expertly crafted construction. The thermal interior of the VSS jacket guarantees excellent warmth, keeping you comfortable on cool days. The fully windproof fabric protects you from the cold wind while providing light and breathable comfort.

The bomber jacket's practicality can be seen in its many storage spaces. Several pockets provide space for important items such as keys, phone and wallet. You can forget about extra bags when you wear this versatile jacket.

The appearance of the VVS jacket is modern and stylish. It adds sharpness and personality to any situation. The colors you can choose from give you the opportunity to choose exactly the shade that best reflects your personality.

The instructions for use are simple: put on this jacket and step out with confidence. It is perfect for a casual weekend outing as well as for the pulse of the city. Try pairing it with jeans or canvas trousers for a casual look, or wear it with chinos and a clean shirt for a more polished look.

The VVS jacket is easy to keep in good condition. Follow simple care instructions to ensure the coat's longevity. Machine wash it in cool water and let it air dry. The brightness of the colors is preserved, and the fabric remains soft and pleasant.

Colors from black to army green offer a versatile selection that complements every wardrobe. Be ready to face your day with style and confidence with the VVS bomber jacket.