Iced Out Bling Light Blue Vampire Grillz

$85 $180
Metal color:

Shine out this unique light blue icy vampire grillz glistening in hand-set stones.


Product Type: Grillz
Gender: Unisex
Material: 18k Gold Plated
Size: Top Teeth: 58*15mm, Bottom Teeth: 48*14mm

How do I put the grillz on? 

  1. Get a bowl/cup and pour boiling water into it.
  2. With the tweezers provided to you, place the grillz with the silicone in them into the hot water. 
  3. Once the silicone goes clear and a little bit gooey take them out the water with the tweezers provided to you and place them into your mouth straight away.
  4. Push the grillz into your teeth with your fingers and bite at the same time so they sit flush with your teeth, do that for about 60 seconds so they mold properly to your teeth.


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