A guide to the best Hip Hop Festivals or Events to attend in 2023

A guide to the best Hip Hop Festivals or Events to attend in 2023

Attending a hip-hop festival or event is a fantastic experience that will let you see some of the biggest names in rap, hip-hop, and urban music and several up-and-coming stars. To make sure you get the most out of your experience, here's a guide to some of the best hip-hop festivals and events worldwide. 


South by Southwest (SXSW) is an annual festival in Austin, Texas, and brings together creatives, industry professionals, and more to celebrate innovation and art. It's a fantastic event showcasing the best tech, music, film, media, and entertainment industries. Here's what you need to know about SXSW.



The festival is usually held in downtown Austin at the beginning of March, with many venues hosting different events throughout the week. This year, it will take place from March 16-22nd.


SXSW includes several conferences featuring talks from experts across the industry and panel discussions on topics related to technology, business, media, and culture. The festival also hosts workshops designed to give attendees hands-on experience in specific areas like video production or marketing campaigns. Plus, there are tons of parties and events hosted by tech startups and industry giants for those looking for a bit of fun after long days in meetings or lectures.



What makes SXSW unique is its focus on collaboration between industries. Creatives have a chance to meet industry professionals. In contrast, those working within tech have a chance to collaborate with content creators in film and music – creating a truly one-of-a-kind networking experience. 



Splash! Berlin is an annual urban music festival in the heart of Germany'sGermany's capital. Hundreds of performers take to multiple stages for two days to create an experience that can't be found anywhere else in the world. From hip-hop and rap to trap and electro, Splash! Offers a mix of sounds and genres to suit every music lover's taste.


The festival is hosted at Arena Park in Berlin each year, giving fans easy access from around the city. Each day, three main stages (Bosch Amphitheater, Capitol, and Tag Team) feature the biggest acts, plus additional side stages for even more performances throughout the weekend. During these stages, there are also interactive art installations and experiences for visitors to enjoy, with plenty of surprises for 19-21 September 2023.



What makes Splash! Its strong emphasis on inclusion stands out from other festivals; it features a vibrant atmosphere where everyone can come together and appreciate well-known and underground talent. This is represented by its diverse lineup, which consists of global stars like A$AP Rocky alongside German heavyweights, including Max Herre, Trettmann, and Bausa. The range doesn'tdoesn't end here either – acts spanning trap metal to ska jazz have been featured over recent years too, plus club nights afterwards to ensure your day isn'tisn't complete without one last jam session with your new favourite artists. 



The Electric Daisy Carnival (EDC) in Las Vegas, Nevada, is an iconic music festival that brings together the world's top DJs and musical acts. 



EDC has become one of the most popular festivals in the United States, with tens of thousands of attendees yearly. This festival takes place annually in Las Vegas and offers fans various attractions and experiences. From epic performances to carnival rides, EDC will surely give everyone a memorable experience! Which will start on Friday, 19 May, and ends on Sunday, 21 May 2023


At EDC, there will be tons of exciting activities for everyone. In addition to performances by world-renowned DJs like Marshmallow and Zedd, there will also be unique attractions such as Ferris wheels, zip lines, and more! Not only that, but visitors can enjoy colourful decorations and delicious food throughout the festival grounds. Whether you prefer an intense mosh pit or peaceful chill zones - there is something for everyone at EDC! 

Of course, safety is paramount during events like these. Make sure you follow all staff instructions and stay aware of your surroundings at all times. Additionally, it would be wise to stay hydrated throughout the event and bring any essential medications if necessary. 



Canadian Music Week (CMW) is an annual music festival and conference in Toronto, Canada. Founded in 1981, the event brings together Canadian artists, record labels, industry professionals, radio programmers, and other music enthusiasts for a week-long celebration of Canadian music.



Each year the festival showcases over 1000 bands and solo acts performing at over 60 live venues throughout Toronto, including nightclubs, theatres, hotels, and parks. Some venues featured in past festivals have included Dan-forth Music Hall, Sound Academy, and Yong-Dundas Square. A diverse range of musical styles is represented, from Pop, Rock & Country to Electronic, Hip Hop & Reggae. It would be held on June 5th-10th, 2023



The event also features numerous educational seminars for attendees interested in pursuing careers within the Canadian music industry. Attendees can attend sessions on topics such as Artist Management, Booking Agencies, and Media Training. The conference also hosts many networking events allowing attendees to mingle with like-minded people in their field or gain insight into the industry from some of its most respected figures. 

CMW has become an important part of the Canadian music scene. Each year the festival draws thousands of visitors to Toronto, creating a great economic boost to the city and providing an invaluable platform for independent artists looking to break into the mainstream music market. 



Are you a music fan looking for a great way to experience some hottest acts? Look no further than Rolling Loud Music Festival in Miami, FL. This event will surely provide a unique and exciting experience that will keep your head bopping all day.



When and where?

Rolling Loud Music Festival is an annual event held on July 21-23 at Hard Rock Stadium, Miami Gardens.


What's included?

The festival features some of the hottest acts from Hip Hop and EDM genres, including Kendrick Lamar, J Cole, Future, DJ Khaled, Travis Scott, Post Malone, and more. Aside from music performances, there are also artist workshops and interactive activities throughout the weekend. The event usually runs over three days during May each year and offers various ticket packages so you can find one that best fits your needs.



No matter where you find yourself during the summer season, you will probably have a great hip-hop festival or event nearby thanks to the growth that urban culture has seen recently all around the world, so check out local venues or look online to see if any cool ones are happening near you! Be sure to get tickets early because these events tend to sell out quickly due to their popularity! To fuel up the hip hop vibes, don't forget to add some jewelry to your fit, you will never go wrong with VVS Jewelry. 

Get ready to hype the best urban culture!

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